why wont this video file run in anything

it looks fine in blender!
why wont anything play it?
what settings changes are needed.
looking for sharp video to put on a dvd and play on the TV
thanks all


A DVD requires a different Codec than h264.

You need to use mpeg2, try the presets.

thanks - I am giving it a try.

are the other mpegs better? worse?

it made a file that has DVD after the dot!
I need one that will make a regular type file I can then put into another software - pinnacle studio 12.1. to THEN put on a DVD with all the rest of the videos etc.

Rename to .mpg

Sharp video and DVD - isn’t that a contradiction in itself?

I seem to recall from your other posts that you’re after a video that looks sharp on a full hd screen? Well, since the maximum resolution for DVD video is 720 x 576 (PAL), all DVD video will look like crap on a modern flatscreen TV…

Low bit rate and poor encryption is likely to kill the apparent sharpness more than the actual resolution. Use what you have well, which isn’t really possible with blenders built in encoder.

I guess all the dozens of Pixar/Disney/Dreamworks animated films which I saw on DVD and I thought looked great on my modern TV in reality looked like shit. It’s good to be informed.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I’m so used to watching BluRays, that even upscaled DVDs (no matter how good the upscaling) are borderline unwatchable. YMMV.

The sarcasm was uncalled for.

I could make it as a bluray

under anti aliasing what does FULL SAMPLE mean and do?
see pic earlier

we don’t use PAL