Why would every object in the scene turn pitchblack

What does it mean with even new objects are pitch black ? All objects in my scene are pitch black -??

Do you have any lights in your scene? What engine are you in? Can you post a screenshot?

so it appears that this is due to textures as the weird webbing went away but then all objects turned black. Also my blend files seam to be way to big for what is them. I can not post a .blend because its so big.

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So now - this seams to be a video adaptor problem on the laptop I wanted to use with blender. I copied the blend file to a flash carried into the other room and it pulled up just fine. SO I gather it is not blender that is at fault but how the graphics on the dell laptop are having a hard time deciphering things.


On my laptop elitebook 8740w I installed the latest drivers and when I tried to open up blender 2.82 it said "open GL drivers 3.3 or higher are required and I needed to update my drivers. Maybe windows 10 with the latest drivers for win 10 will make things work. ? Of course now if you want the Nvidia desktop the newest cards you have to get a ms account to get the desktop drivers.