Why zero faces?

When I edit the model, I found some faces were identified as “zero faces” by 3D print toolbox, whatever I change the scale or move it to a stand-alone part. Who can tell me why?

ZF.blend (556 KB)

It is actually the size that trigger the “degenerate” test to result in that, select all your mesh (in edit mode) , press S then type 5 to scale it 5 times and you’ll see the toolbox will not find any “0 faces”.

Note that if you do scaling or rotation in Object mode and do not apply such result, it will influence badly some tools in Edit mode (and the 3d print toolbox is not immune to that).
To apply scale and rotation you did in Object mode, select the object (in object mode) and press CTRL+A -> Rotation&Scale

No need to do that if you did the rotation/scaling in Edit mode, it’s only the ones in Object mode that will need to be applied like that in most cases


Lower degenerate limit value to 0.00001

Thank you Sanctuary. Your method really works!
I tried scale in the “scene” tab of the property panel and the property tool shelf(modify the scale factor), but I didn’t scale the mesh at all.

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