WIC#1 - Wheel


This is my entry for a Weekly Image Contest (WIC) over at Real Effects Studios and the topic is Wheel - I haven’t thought of a title yet but here is came up with!

It is slightly photo-realistic but since my work always fails at that i can’t say that it really is.

where do the bolts go?


oh you never seen one of these wheels! :stuck_out_tongue:

actually they have wheels that the bolts mount on the backside (makes it harder for would-be criminals!) :wink:

nice pic. I should enter mine. :stuck_out_tongue: www.zachgmedia.com/Rimz.jpeg

Interesting looking wheels, but as basse so good to asked “where do the bolts go?”.


Don’t formula one cars only have a single centre bolt? Also the Ferrari Enzo:

and 19-inch Z-rated Bridgestone Potenza Scuderia RE050A tires wrapped around single-bolt alloy wheels.

so the bolt goes in the hole in the middle.

For the competition, make sure to use a better quality compression. Also, if you didn’t use yafray and it’s allowed, which I’m sure it is, I would. It’ll give you better reflection/realism than the internal renderer. I’m basing that on renders I’ve seen.

doubt you noticed but i am the administrator over there…i can make all the rules i want! :stuck_out_tongue: Yes it is Yafray with a HDRI map and the bolts like the one guy said and i already stated mount through the center (that is how i designed them) or there are those that mount through the back with only three as to make them harder to take off…I chose the topic and if i wanted too i could have really done something special but i want to give the others over there a chance (alot of them are real beginners).

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Looking forward to seeing you over there! :wink: