I was trying with increasing my 80 iq I follow the spells instructions to increase maximum 600 IQ.What I’m doing wrong?It doesn’t working.

This borders on religeous discussion, so may at some point be locked by moderators.
So instead of discussing how my belief is different to yours, and that is why casting a spell won’t help anything (Chose carefully what you believe in), I’ll discuss IQ.
IQ is pretty much meaningless, particularly if taken by one of those online quiz things. They exist as advert-delivery mechanisms.
In theory, IQ should be knowledge independant. Youshould not need ANY prerequisite knowledge to sit an IQ test. You shouldn’t need to know how to read, you shouldn’t need to have come across similar problems before, there shouldn’t be simple/stupid answers to complex problems.
But IQ tests ain’t like that.
Also, would some of the worlds best painters have scored well in IQ? How about musicians? Probably not. IQ is not required to be great at anything.
Last time I did an online IQ test, I scored mid-80’s. Does that stop me from doing well at Engineering at university level? Nope. Does IQ in any way influence my life? Nope. The thing that matters more is the amount of effort put in. I’m (unfortunately) pretty lazy, and as a result get constantly out-scored by people with far less understanding of the matter under test.

My advice is:

  • IQ is like your eye color. Something you have, something you may know, but that ultimately does not affect who you are.
  • Don’t let your eye-color limit what you think you can do…

So IQ wicca spells are totally pointless?

If I’m living with my parents I have to go to church.If I’ll start my new life living without parents then catholic religion would be pointless.

I urge you to make your own decisions about what to believe. Don’t go to church only because your parents do. Evaluate the material and decide if it is TRUE. Myself I am a Christian (different to a Catholic), and if you want to discuss faith/belief more, feel free to send me a PM.

Here’s a quote that I agree with:
“IQ tests do not measure intelligence but only a minor sort of “abstract problem-solving ability” with little practical significance”

I just did an online free IQ test and came up with … 144. Eh, nope. Doubt it. I aint that smart.
The reason I did so well was because many years of enjoying trick/puzzle questions allowed me to defeat half the problems with very little thought. As I expected, the test questions were not testing intelligence at all, previous experience has ‘prepared’ me for the test. It should not be possible to prepare yourself for an intelligence test.

You actually believe that Harry Potter style hocus pocus spellcasting would actually work?

There are other ways to improve your IQ which will give actual results, in fact, there was a study within the past few years that indicated the IQ level is not near as static as once believed (can be changed by up to 5 points a year).

Focus on brain training exercises like boosting memory skills, puzzle solving skills, absorbing knowledge, and long walks (the last one being shown to help increase brain mass). Besides, if spells for things like boosting IQ’s to ridiculous heights actually worked, one would think that someone out there would already have an intelligence that makes Albert Einstein look like a mouse.

Lucas15, this also verges on talking about religion, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

There is no faith so overrun with fluffy bunnies, charlatans and poseurs as Wicca. The enchantments and interventions that do have an effect generally cannot be done by reading or reciting a ‘spell’ by yourself. At least, not without decades of guided practice. So, yes, the spells you know and tried are almost sure to be worthless.

If you are concerned about your IQ, check with your local school systems (public, private, religious or charter) to see if anyone is using a program called Instrumental Enrichment, pioneered by Ruben Feuerstein. It’s a fairly rare program in the United States, but you might live in one of the places it’s made a foothold. School systems that have tried it tend to keep it, since it is effective. It has a track record of actually improving IQ, no matter what your starting point.

I’'m not first person talking about conspiracy theories like Wicca or Illuminati.I think I should avoid kind of things to avoid the troubles.Anyways thanks for help.I think reading a lot of books are the best solution to increase IQ likewise Albert Einstein.I reckon this thread should be closed or deleted forever.

Reading lots of books will help, especially if you don’t concentrate on any type. Other things you might try on your own are doing puzzles, learning a new language, or learning to play a musical instrument. Complex strategy games like chess or go might also help. The key, I think, is to keep pushing yourself to master things you can’t already do, and perseverance.

I personally wouldn’t expect the brain exercises to turn you into an Einstein, not unless something dramatic happened.

The reason being that Einstein’s brain had an unusual amount of mass that allowed for his intelligence and is something that you would pretty much have to had been born with. However, if you are being truthful and your IQ is below average, it may be quite possible to get it into the average range and maybe even a little above depending on how dedicated you are.

This has nothing to do with Wicca anymore (nor was it ever the main subject) and is instead about solutions to raise one’s IQ level, you might want to change the name of the thread.

Like “Endless Possibilities”?

Something that deals with IQ more likely.

May the force be with you.

I think the most dramatic results Instrumental Enrichment claims are on the order of 15 to 20 points. Most are lower. But that’s still nothing to sneeze at. The remarkable thing is that the starting point doesn’t matter. They’ve trained engineers at Cal Tech and gotten measurable improvements.

I don’t think I’d put any faith in the reliability or validity of a self-administered on-line IQ test, though.

I took a look at the Endless Possibilities website. Looks like they are corporate trainers. So, offhand, I’d say no.

Something dramatic like what?

In order to be Einstein you would need to have Einsteins brain, life experiences intact. In order to be you one would need to have your brain life experiences intact.

Nothing can tell you who you are or what you are capable of other than yourself. A school cannot tell you who you are, you tell the school who you are.

P.S. Interesting thread by the way, nice to see something out of the ordinary. Does that make it extra ordinary? Certainly I wouldn’t know.

Wicca is simply a manifestation of one of the world’s most ancient (and, venerable) forms of religion … and, more generally speaking, mystical beliefs. Human beings have many ways of approaching the world which surrounds them, and “rationality” is only one of them. (For that matter, “society/state-sanctioned religions,” such as Christianity, Judaism, Shinto, and so on, are also “only one of them.”

In the OP’s case, though: I’d simply suggest my opinion that: “(a) you are selling yourself too short, and spell-casting too long.” You are probably also placing far too much credence on “IQ testing,” and/or upon the notion that you are, somehow, “not as smart as the next guy/gal,” or “… as you should be.”

Discard these notions! You are you, and there’s absolutely no one else like you. An “IQ Test” doesn’t mean a damned thing. (To the extent that it might be “a measure,” it most certainly is not an objective one.) There’s nothing about you that a spell can change, and nothing that needs changing. You are the master of your body in all of its parts – most especially including your mind.

However: let me also encourage(!) you to study Wicca! Learn more about it. Learn about its history, about how it views the world around you, and how others have viewed (or, mis-viewed) it. It’s fascinating, because not only are you learning about a completely and fundamentally different view of “the world around us all,” but you are also learning about people. Societies. “Us.” Furthermore, you’re studying a world-view that is fundamentally different from that of the religions in which our various “civilized” socities are ordinarily steeped. Don’t shy-away from these things. You can – and will – spend a lifetime exploring “the human condition.”

When you explore “religion,” and “mysticism,” without flinching, then I submit that you are exploring very, very close to “what makes us human.”

And, I will most-carefully say, I do not believe that such explorations are incompatible with, nor exclusive with, “(more-)conventional religious thoughts and practice.” Aye, I find that they make such things far more interesting, rich, deep, and … balanced.

I would write a nice and poignant rebuttal to this, but that would fully tip the thread into a religious debate.

Encourage him to study magic arts, that could lead to things far worse than simply finding there’s no real benefit.

I would have to whole-heartedly disagree with Ace Dragon and plus 1 sundialsvc4 encouragement.
Knowledge is power and it’s a shame to hear ignorance being championed like that. Compare and contrast different religions, study and understand them all.
Studying and believing in something are two completely different things. We’re all ignorant of countless subjects but to deny yourself knowledge and understanding of any is sad to say the least.
Put your anthropologist’s hat on and learn as much as you can because “The more you know”.

“Encourage him to study magic arts, that could lead to things far worse than simply finding there’s no real benefit.”

@Ace Dragon
What type of trouble do you think he’ll get himself into? Historically speaking, it’s not the wiccans who have a bad track record of human rights violations, ‘just saying’.

@Ace Dragon: remember those poseurs and charlatans I mentioned earlier? They certainly want people to believe Wicca is the same as magic arts, because that lets them sell their arcane “knowledge” to the gullible. Don’t be fooled. Studying Wicca is not the same as studying magic arts. If you aim your scythe at Wicca thinking it is magic arts, you will cut down nothing but a lot of straw men.

If someone tells you they are the same, keep your hand on your wallet: they are trying to sell you shadows and vapor.

@Rigby40: Historically speaking, I’d suppose being burnt at the stake, drowned or crushed under heavy weights might count as ‘trouble’.