wich digital refelx camera you recommend me? 600€

i want to buy a reflex digital camera , i can spend around 600 € , dou you recommend me a particular brand , Canon , Olympus , Pentax… ?

I’ve seen the Olympus e 510 , it is best product of 2007-2008 EISA award, i want a camera that can do pictures like this ones : http://www.flickr.com/photos/niniosur/


What kind of photograph are you?
Will you shoot raw or jpeg all the time?
Are you experienced in photography?
What kind of photo do you intend to take?
(From a technical standpoint those you showed are quite flawed, starting with the terrible color cast in the color photo… good composition and good subjects can be done with most/all prosumer and up cameras)
Do you expect to upgrade later?

Those are all important factors to know before deciding for a model: there is no ‘best’ camera no matter what the fellows selling reviews may say.
I used a KM 7D myself for the last 2 years simply because it’s ergonomics are unmatched still. I can shoot close, far, in changing light, moving targets (it sensor is stabilized)… It’s not the fastest at 3 shots/sec in RAW, it has very good picture quality in jpeg and RAW let me do whatever I want almost.
If I were a reporter I’d use a Nikon. For landscape it would be a Canon. For weddings and other official functions I’d use a Fuji…


im a hobby photographer , i know photography but im no profesional , i just want a good camera that captures all those nice details and colors you can see in profesional photos.

i think i will shoot most of the time jpeg , the kind of fotos i want to take would be , from the city , some details , some portraits , a bit of everything , nothing in particular.

Wich camera would you recommend me ?

I’d go for Canon, If you like the character of their images; I do.
Go to http://www.dpreview.com and check their tests.
New you should be able to afford a Rebel 400D.
If you can get a used 30D it is quite a camera and I’d go for it myself over the Rebel: faster autofocus, possibly better glass if used. Yet, the sensor of the Rebel is of high quality (and size) and will give you the detail you are after.

Nikon has only the D40 in your price and it is quite castrated.

Good luck.

thanx , i’ll posibly go for the canon 400D thanx ! ;D