Wich do you recommend?

I know this is the wrong forum. But the people at the game engine like “Social,Fire Side,Blendenzo,etc” are really experienced on this kinda stuff. I did some research on what type of OS and hardware equipment I should use for 3D animation and modelling and rendering and programming etc. etc. etc. Wich do you guys think the best OS is for that stuff and hardware stuff? Computer graphics,Computer programming,Computer game designing is what I want to do in my future but I don’t know really what I should start with. I’ve heard Linux is a good OS but I have no idea what its like. And I’m kinda confused on what Linux is anyway. Please ceep in mind that I did spend some time researching this and I’m not being lasey and posting here instead of googling it or somthing. Hope I’m not cluttering the forum!

well, depends what software do you want to use, tho id say, mac or linux are the best choices, tho thats my opinnion(note that im still on windows :confused: )
overaly windows linux and os-x are all good.

Most likely to use 3DS Max and Blender.

You give me more credit than I am due. I use Windows exclusively, not because it is the best, but because I don’t care to take the time to learn the others (and I don’t have the money for a Mac). Personally, I’ve always heard that Mac was strongest for multimedia applications.

I don’t think that you need much to start game designing with. You don’t even need a good graphics card. Mine is utter garbage. It’s 4MB and I have to use it in 16-bit color mode or I can’t see the mouse pointer in Blender. I think that knowledge is more important than hardware. That said, though, here are my suggestions for you:

-If you know Windows already, stick with it for now. Learning a different OS will distract you from your main goal (game design).
-Get a graphics card that supports OpenGL Shader Language (GLSL) so you can use the new Blender GLSL features (once you know as much as spike, that is)
-Use Blender. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s cool. Later on you might move on to another engine, but the BGE is your best bet for starting out.
-Make some cool short games or demos so that you can get people excited about what you’re doing.

Hope that helped. You might also find some worthwhile suggestions in the Off-Topic forum. There are a lot of experienced cross-platform users over there.

Uhh. Wow! Thanks for the advice. I’m using Windows and have been ever since. I don’t know if my graphics card can support OpenGL but it defenetely can run in 32bit 1024x768 regularley(Dont know if that would help at all) I also am decintely experienced at the media of computer graphics. Like movies and animation-shorts and still picture renderes. But I think I’m best at the BGE part.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

You also need to remember that 3D Studio Max is a Windows only application at the moment. I guess it really depends on the specifics on what you want to do. For instance:

  1. If are interested in coding then Linux offers a much more open environment then Windows and OS X.

  2. If your main goal is to get better with the BGE, then blender running under Windows is said to offer to best performance. From what I have read, there still isnt a functioning mouselook script for OS X (making a good fps without this would be almost impossible) and BGE performance under Linux is noticibly worse then under windows (has this been fixed? Social said this in one of his recent posts).

  3. If you want to work on animation and start producing photorealistic renders, then OS X and Linux will probably serve you better due to better memory handling. One of the “Elephants Dream” producers commented on this a while back.

So I guess you have to weight it up and see which OS better suits your needs. Really speaking, any one will do, but there is no doubt that depending on what you want to do one of the three is bound to be better for you then the others. I guess one reason not to purchase a Mac (this is probably going to change with bootcamp) is that atleast you have the option to switch between Windows and Linux relatively easily. You could start with Windows, then when you want to expand your horizons, just download a Linux distro of your choice and wack it on there.

Hope that has helped,


Here’s a great Linux function that you don’t have in the winwin
Go here:

download the new Kubuntu 6.10 CD, burn it, put it
in your bootable cd player and restart the machine
Choose start Kubuntu in the menu and…the fantastic Linux world is at
your hands without install

Computer programming,Computer game designing is what I want to do in my future but I don’t know really what I should start with

If you want to do those things you’ll need schooling and believe me, the school will choose for you. The OS is up to you. You’ll have more choices with professional software if you use Windows. If your not in post-high school and it’s not time to make your career move, than I would say that Blender is one of the best places to be. You get experience in game design, programming and modeling and it’s a very fast game design system, so you’ll cover a lot of bases. Look around for a school in your area that you can afford to go to and find out what software they use. If you can afford it, get it, if you can’t just keep modeling and programming with Blender, the principles are all the same and you will learn faster when given the other software.

That being said, I would also urge you to think carefully about gaming as a career. There is a lot of competition and you’ll probably need to relocate and work long hours for not very good pay. I personally have found it best to seperate my creative ambitions from my career. I would choose a career that makes pretty good money, that there are a lot of opportunities for, and that I can get an affordable education without going way in debt in. Get in a good 401 k plan and learn how to invest in stocks, but do it slowly and be careful. I jumped into it and it worked out all right, but some people I know it didn’t work for. The gaming scene is getting more and more crowded and that means more chances for failure and less and less profit. Your liable to find out that something you love when you do on your own can turn into something not very fun at all when you do it for a living. I hope that doesn’t sound to cold and calculating, but I’ve seen so many people living in a dream world around money. It boils down to R.O.I. Return on investment. Get the highest possible so you can have fun and not worry about money.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks. But that’s what confuses me. Is Linux free? You can just download it and use it? That sounds awesome but odd too. Why would somebody offer an OS for free? And I’m not sure if I should becuase this computer is shared by the hole family. I have another computer in my room but it’s like a windows 98 with 127MB RAM. So it sucks.

Fire Side:
Me and my Dad have seriusley considered a school but theres a couple of problems, I’m a home schooler so that would effects things and computer schools that we’ve seen are REALLY expensive. I wasn’t really thinking on basing my hole career on computer gaming though. It’s kinda wierd becuase I want to be a ANYTHING related to computer graphics & programming. So like I wanna work at Pixar or I wanna work at Nintendo or I wanna work at anything from computer generated movies to computer games. I have some easy and VERY brief knowledge of 3DS Max becuase I played with the trial version.

Thanks again for the feedback guys!!!

another quick way of learning 3d gfx’s (goes for other jobs too) is becomming an intern… as in working at a company for a short time for free… if you’re lucky you can become a paid intern too… so you can learn as much as possible and get some real experience…(tho it will probally be time consuming and a lot of hard work… but definitely worth it for the experience) just talking to people in the industry is worth it and asking them if you can become an intern is easy enough… and if you show real talent… who knows they could offer you a job. Iether way it would give you an idea of what that type of career would be like… so you can then decide if like it or not!

computer schools that we’ve seen are REALLY expensive.
move to Sweden. Schools are free:D

Linux is free. Why is it strange? Blender is free while 3D studio max costs A LOT

thats an easy one!

there are more applications for windows than any other OS!

I just use linux as a sort of hobby, and for some projects to save $$$

Just make your system Dual boot! you get the best of both worlds :slight_smile:

I was not clear, sorry
The CD you can download ( and use for free, and copy, and redistribute) it’s
a Live CD, in other words, you don’t need to install.
Just run Linux from the CD!!! Fantastic!!
Of course if you like it, and once used to the Linux system (read some docs)
you can easily make a hd install