Wich Linux for Blender?

Hello guys!

I’m now starting to work in 3-D, but i am yet to decide wich might be the best platform to use blender.

I thought of preparing a PC with Linux, so that it could work as a Blender Workstation, but i have tried Mandrake and it doesn’t run.
I am new to LInux, as i am to Blender, might just be me that can’t get the thing running, but i wanted to put windows aside, because i get easily stressed with it!

To all of you who use LInux with Blender, maybe you could give me some advices on the best distribution to use with Blender, as with everything that need to be installed so that it can be run on Linux.

Blender works with all linux distro’s as far as i kmow. You might be better of stating what the exact problem was that you had, and someone might be able to help. I run Slackware btw :stuck_out_tongue:

and welcome to the Blender/Linux community :slight_smile:

To me ( and some thousands others) Mandrake is the easiest dristibution to install
and Blender works perfectly well with it

BUT…(rewelcome to the Linux world) it’s rarely “out of the box”
It needs some tweaking probably…mainly because hardware vendors don’t make Linux drivers @–%

Anyway, to me with with a AMD XP 2200-MSIKT4AV-GeforceTi4200-HP Scanner-SAnsungCDWR it was “out of the box”
Only need to reinstall (easy) the NVidia drivers to get OpenGl acceleration


I’m running Debian with the nVidia OpenGL driver. Blender works great.

what I have noticed is that it is harder to get blender to work under linux than windows, since I have encountered glibc version conflicts which required blender to be build from source.

However I would say that the biggest thing would be to get OpenGL working with out having to fuss around with compiling the nVidia kernel interface. I use fedora core 1 because the nvidia installer already has one compiled however depending on your hardware this may not apply to you.


OK, I’ll try again

I have Blender working perfectly with less than 10 mouse clicks I guess and without compiling anything

Install Mandrake 10 Official with 3 clicks ( if you don’t care about partitions), the ADSL connection is ready ( with Sagem modem), download the Nvidia installer and ready to run with 3 clicks and a little XF86Config and download Blender who works without clicks ( well, one to open the soft :slight_smile: )


I thinks any linux distro with good 3d drivers woudl be good.

Mandrake + NVidia card/drivers are good.

thanks guys :smiley:

i’ll try Mandrake10 as soon as i can.
Blender seems very promising to me, when i first looked at it, his interface seemed so different from other 3-D programs; it doesn’t take so much hard disk space, and i see people getting very good results using it.

If i can use it in other system than windows, it’s great!

Thanks again :smiley:

its not exactly “harder”. I see some users having problems getting dri working. but beside that Ive seen a glibc conflict 1once, that’s all.

as for sergas:
I really recommend to compile blender by yourself. The compilesystem “SConstruct” is very promising and easy.

i know this might not be the right place to post this, but c’ing that we’re talkin linux

can nebody help with this, i get this when i try to load true type fonts

fromtype1: no FontMatrix found

it seams like the older versions, round 2.28 have no problem, but all the newer versions have been giving me this prob. o and this is on debian

thanks all

do you have freetype installed?

blender was given antialiased [true type] fonts around that point, and it uses a couple new libraries for it.