Wich one do you prefere?

Hi all! I made a quick scene to test the renderers i currently use, unfortunately i wasn’t able to reproduce the scene in maxwell so here there are only Cycles, Corona and Luxrender, If you want to do the same with other renderers i can give you the .blend file.
All the renderers stopped at the same render time.



Seeing the differences is really cool! I’d love to see the lighting setup. I can tell that the corona render’s global illumination was a little more powerful, seeing as the lines in between the plates disappeared.

The plates look like foam though in Corona!
The wood looks better in Cycles.
I’d say if I had to work with it, to clean up the plates in P.S. and use the Cycles!!

Hi Thanzex, I would like t have the .blend and try it with Octane Render.

Cheers, mib

What was the render time ? Share the blend file and I will try with Yafaray.

Render time for each one was 1:30 minutes, if you have a less/more powerful machine than mine (signature) increase or decrease the render time obviously :slight_smile:

In the file there are already the materials for corona, luxrender and cycles obviously, where you can look at to recreate the materials in other renderers :slight_smile:


Hi, Octane PT, 2 minutes on GPU´s.

Second try, add one mesh light,

Cheers, mib

Yafaray has no fake lights like Hemi so this is Direct Lighting + AO + sky color, no lights.
Rendertime 1m24sec.