WICKEDORNOT rate the site game!!!!

ok this is a single page of my website, currently i have the others in the oven baking and they will be done and up within 24 hours after this final questioning LOL

the major page of my site is this one.


and it is in my eyes complete.

could people please tell me if it is browser compatible.

currently i have tried it on
IE (most recent) WinXP
MOZILA (Linux, and no it doesn’t seen to work right even though netscape and mozila should theretically be the same LOL)
Konqurer Linux
galeon Linux

so any other web browsers are helpful. i think its pretty much cross browser compatible. but am unsure.

it should work on ALL screen sizes (coz i designed it for <800 all the way to HUGE)

anyway what do you think.

its not a personal gallery site, because its for my bussiness. my own site comes next and will be linked to my bussiness site rather closly!!!


pretty cool… i dont like the metaball mud, looks like thick thick chocolate pudding… decent photo manipulation =)

the mouseover images arent preloaded, i hate that… preload them chumpies

the page works perfectly on my ie 5.5 on winMe :slight_smile:

The left-hand navigation links are broken. They’re pointing to .html rather than (I guess) .shtml.

I’d like to see more work in the gallery, since there’s really only that photo manipulation pic that’s new (I’m already at the website and can see it already!). Not bad though!

[quote=“broken”]The left-hand navigation links are broken. They’re pointing to .html rather than (I guess) .shtml.[quote]

cough cough…he said to comment this page only probably because he DIDN’T made the other page…

As blengine said it would be better if those mouseover buttun would be loaded before everything :wink:

Keep it up :smiley:

ok i am pre loading the images on the left.

and to broken this gallery is currently only my bussiness gallery so i will not include jobs i did personally as a nobby (they will go on my personall site, and be linked to from this one, but thats for the future)

i am already getting jobs so as i complete work i will add it to the gallery and it will become rather massive!!!

blegine, yep thats the exact look i wanted so COOL chocolate pudding is what i wanted!!!

decent image manipulation (thanks, i just got my mark back from university today and got an A and an A- for that. which is like top 2-3 %)


In Opera 6 all images are side by side and there is an offset of about 15px to the border of the page.

ok tordat would you be able to send me a screen shot at all.

if thats at all possible.

failing that i will need to go and install opera

are these the menu images or the gallery images?? or all of them.

anyway thanks for the information its helpfull.


The PM don’t want to go to the sent box (did meantime), so here was the link for the screenshots

hmm how do you pre-load images? i want to do the same for my site but i have not been able to do it as yet.

The page looks ok over here on IE6…


d######## go to the traditional forum and look in my thread.

there is HEAPS of good info that you might like.

people have helped me out a lot around here.

p.s. i would cut and past but i think you would get more info from just reading the thread.

Original design, I like it! Not really any crits… just I would recomend a better font, like ‘Trebuchet MS’, on justify align.

thor is trebuchet MS
on all OS’s and ALL platforms ??

because if it is then i will consider it. but currently i have left the font as the default for what ever browser/sytsem defaults you have.

but yeah i will consider setting up a font assuming that it will look the same on all systems.


alltaken, did you validate your page ?? http://validator.w3.org/

actually yes i had already done that.

i only had these two things show up

  1. Line 40, column 63: required attribute “ALT” not specified (explain…).

…“Orange/Title1.jpg” width=“777” height=“98” border=“0”>

  1. Line 42, column 59: there is no attribute “VALIGN” (explain…).

<table cellpadding=“0” cellspacing=“0” align=“left” valign=“top”><tr><td valign=“top”>

but these are minor things.

and i don’t know a CSS version of valign.