Wickie book and empty

there is one page giving several features but no example on how and when to used those empty

is there a tut well explained for these empty thing

showing how and when to used empty or hook

Tanks & Salutations



This still does not show example of what it says in Wicie book!


which wiki page are you looking at? Send the link so we can help you better.


it says that are many ways to usse it but no good
examples showing how !


Just play around - select some verts, hit CTRL-H to add a hook to new empty (or an existing one) go into object mode, and move the empty around around. It’s sort of a combination of vertex keys/shape keys and armatures and proportional falloff editing.

So you need an example for the usage of hooks? It’s kind of like an animation of the proportional editing tool, but reversible. You can pull and twist a hook and let it snap back in place.

Like a muscle bulging if you bend your arm. To control it, you need something to grab. This may be an empty.

that is such a nice explanation.