Widescreen rendering (Aspect Ratio, Format, etc.)

Hey guys,

I’m in the making of a short movie for school.

Here’s the principal stuff you need to know to help me out:

  1. I don’t have time to render in full hd (deadline = April 8th)
  2. I want to render in widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio)
  3. The short will be projected in a theater from a DV cassette
  4. I’m using FInal Cut pro to edit and transfer to DV
  5. I’m having some serious problem

Here’s my story. I first thought, hey that’s easy! I’ll just render .tga image files as 854 x 480 (1:1 aspect ratio) and import these into final cut pro and export to DV. 854x480 was my first choice of res cause from my calculation, it was the format associated to 480p.

Error. My principal concern here is that I’ll want to publish to the web once it’s done. And I found out that codec like Divx or Xvid are having some serious trouble encoding with that format…so the format doesn’t seems very good!

I’d like to know what is the best way to render a 16:9 video in a NTSC format (since the projector will project NTSC from DV cassette and also that I can’t afford rendering in HD considering my time period).

I tried rendering in NTSC with aspect of 16 : 9 with Blender’s option…but I can’t seem to find any option in FInal Cut to readapt that format so it looks widescreen instead of Stretched like hell!

If anyone have any experience with this…I WOULD GREATLY appreciate it since I’m in a rush!

If I don’t have any answer or solution by the weekend I’ll have to abandon my will of rendering in widescreen and go with basic NTSC render… which would be me sad! :no:

Thanks for the help!

PS: my current “option” is to render at 720x360… when I import that into my final cut pro project, I set my project as a 720x480 (4:3) NTSC project…import my video in…and automaticly it looks widescreen… Is that the only option for me?

yes, i do have experience. What grade do you want? A or C? Do you want your friends to laugh at you or laud you? First, NTSC is 720x480, which is 4:3 ratio which is US TV. HD is 16:9. You can render an HD aspect ratio to HD using a Letterbox. Look for that option if you want to use Final Cut; I dont know FCP, sorry, I only know how to do it in Blender. Your output should have black at the top and the bottom. If your projector truly is NTSC, then make a square 16:9 and use it as a mask, and render your video in NTSC preset.

Click HD and then click 50% - check your render time. A full HD will be 4x longer, a 75% about 2x longer. Anything less than 50% and the theatre projection will be pixelated and look like dog doo.

The other issue is interlacing, and you will have to see how the DVD software and projector handles it.

Nonsense, 640x480 is 4:3 NTSC, 720x480 is 16:9 NTSC, HD is high resolution.

Again, nonsense, NTSC interlacing is ‘odd lines first’.