Wierd animation issue

Hi everyone,

 I'm having an odd animation issue all of a sudden.  I have a character hoeing a garden.  I didn't care for how it turned out, so I redid the character.  Now, when I add the hoe (either use the existing or deleting it and making a new one) the character rotates every time I rotate the hoe.  I.E.  I rotate the hoe to it looks like it's being used (say 140 degrees) and when I play the animation, the entire character is rotated 140 degrees.  I've tried using bones from the character, duplicating and removing parent and using a new bone for the hoe.  Everything looks fine until I go to play, then I see the wierd rotation.  Has anyone ever experienced this before?  Any suggestions?  I've attached the file.

forgot to attach?

Can’t seem to get the file up here so here’ a link. http://thomastechnologyonline.com/testing/blender.html just go to this page, right click and download the link.


the file says it’s incomplete and it won’t load

can you resave your file and upload it again

I tried the file as well, fiddling around with the file name and what not - it is incomplete

Ok, I zipped the file and that seems to work. Link is http://thomastechnologyonline.com/testing/blender.html If you go under the character and rotate the hoe, save the locrotscale and go forward one frame you will see that the character has rotated to match the hoe. It’s happening with everything I try to add to the scene.


Looks like the Action IPO is used by the hoe and the character, Iwould click the little number next to the name of the action and make it single user. It is working just fine after that for me.

Ok here is what is happening

the armature called “master” is copying the action called “hoe” for both the Armhoe armature and the Master Rig
this is because the bone is named the same thing as the armature called “hoeArm” (Bone) and the action is active on both the objects

first of all change the name of the master bone in the “master” rig - (don’t leave it called “bone”)
and this should solve the problem

(you can also change the name of the bone in the ArmHoe)

hope that helps -
it may be a little confusing so let me know if you don’t understand

You guys rock! It would have taken me days to figure that out. Thanks!