Wierd anomaly

This freakish gray cloud engulfed the better part of my screen O.O
I was adding cirle loops to make the surface tension look realistic then boom.
Freakish gray cloud’o’death
( my mouse sensitivity went up too )

Pls Pls Pls I need help D:

In your screenshot, we can see that in your sidebar, there’s the clip end at 1m, so make it a little bit bigger and your problem will normally be solve :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Kazrarr is on the money :dollar:

Here is an additional tip if you feel a value is out of whack. You can right click on most input fields and choose “Reset to Default Value”.

Unless you intended to change this value purposefully then it is probably a good idea to do that here. :wink:

Hey Hi ! Changing the clip end did help w/ it but not alot, I think it all started when I added a Plane, while searching for it I couldn’t find it in scene collection list.
But when I selected the liquid from inside the mug the plane also got highlighted =o

Do you know how I can delete the plane without deleting th liquid ? Becouse that’s what is currently happening when I try to delete the plane, the liquid gets also deleted >.<

You were in edit mode when adding the plane… select it again…
Go back to edit mode, make sure only the Plane is selected … or double tab A, to select none…in face selection select the plane and hit X > delete Faces…