Wierd blurry artifact on mesh

anybody can explain why is it that my mesh gets blurry on this one face when in object mode, but when I get into edit mode it blurryness disappears ?

picture 1 is object mode picture 2 is edit mode

This same thing happened on the inside of the same type of face too, but I moved the vertices of all inside faces (4 faces) a tiny amount and the blurryness disappeared. Here’s photos of that.

Is this face a quad? If so, what happens if you divide it in two triangles properly (from “ceiling” vertex on the right to lower left corner - select both, press J)

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it is a quad,but ! the 3 vertices are lined up as you see so it looks kind of triangle but it isnt. I thought that when I moved the inside vertex tiny amount that it would work on the outside but it doesn’t. I forgot to mention this, but yeah outside can’t be fixed like the inside also I’m not sure was the outside blurry before I moved the vertices on the inside faces I just noticed this problem when I was texture painting it.

Seems I fixed the issue. I was moving the vertetices on Y axes like I did with the inside faces, but! If I moved using just G it didn’t help. Only when I moved along the axix using GG then the blurryness could be removed when slightly moved the vertices. For some reason The outside face on the first picture after I moved the vertex along side GG and put it back by wroting the original Y axes number which was -4. it still stayed un blurred. On the other end it didn’t worked like that and I had ot leave the vertex slightly off from the origianl position which was 6 and was 6,01. I wrote it to be that specific after moving the vertex along side GG. I then deleted left side which I wasn’t fixed the outside faces and used mirror modifier to copy right side and now it’s all perfect.

Perhaps there is some confusion on blender when 3 vertices are on the same line and only 1 is on dofferent place ? I don’t know how that technically cause the blurryness, but how I solved the issue seems to suggest this is the case.

As I heard, It’s a confusion in most engines not just Blender - an ambiguous topology like that might lead to appearance of infinitely small triangles (from those 3-vertices-on-a-line).
It might lead to render problems, although I won’t pretend to know the particulars.

Just cut it.


but I need it to form the bevel

I’m not sure I understand… How does it form the bevel exactly?

All faces in a mesh need to be clearly convex.


I’m not sure what you mean then can you make picture ?

Cut the inside quad. Maybe remove the edge on the outside if it doesn’t do anything.


it’s impossible say did it work since it had no effect becuase I already fixed it, but at least there is no cleaner topology so thanks for that :slight_smile:

Also I moved the vertices I moved earlier to fix the issue back to where they were and blurryness don’t occure so maybe this helped hard to say for sure :smiley:

I had to test it and I created the mesh with only 3 vertices and added the texture into it. It didn’t have the blurry effect. After that I made the original version where I had 3 vertices on line and on that one the blyrriness was back so it was the 3 vertices in a row the reason :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this is wrapped up :slight_smile: