Wierd bug/error or misunderstanding?

Hi all, i am working on something using hitnormal to calculate reflection.
It all works fine, but for the fact that the vector input doesn’t seem to be right.
I use the function owner.getVectTo(object) to get the vector to the plane, but instead of showing:
it shows

here is console
(11.987321276894706, Vector((-0.9584823846817017, 0.12038645148277283, -0.258493
00622940063)), Vector((-0.9584823846817017, 0.12038645148277283, -0.258493006229

Have you checked the API for what it should return?

At a glance I’d guess it is something to do with the vector being normalised (in terms of a standard unit) meaning it has a separate magnitude (the float)

But that’s at a glance at 11:30pm… :confused:

Its distance, global vector and local vector. Read:


Yes, sorry, i came across that last night - tired ;/