wierd bug when rendering - vista 32 bit

ever since i got my new computer, whenever i rennder something, as soon as it finishes rendering, the render window goes black. if i move the window, it reappears. :confused: any ideas? i’ve also had some video problems: when you do circle select (“b” twice) when you move the mouse it leaves behind a “trail” of circles, which disappear when you click. video card problem maybe? nvidia geforce 9500 gt

Download and install the newest drivers for your video card as the first step. If that doesn’t resolve the problem post your system specs.

I have the same thing on Vista 32 bit Enterprise edition with Intel integrated graphics.

with Intel integrated graphics.

betcha that’s the problem. I used to have the same problem, Tweaked some gfx card settings and it took care of it.

i have nvidia though…
i’ll check for a driver update.

downloading now…
it said on the nvidia website that this version adds support for opengl 3.1? what version does blender need?

IIRC blender needs openGL 1.4 from ~2002, though it may run on older cards too

well either way it didn’t work.
sytem specs:
2.4 GHz intel core 2 quad
2 gb ram
512 mb nvidia geforce 9500 gt

another problem i have: when you turn on occlude background geometry in edit mode, every time you click in the 3d view, the whole screen flashes black

try turning off AA in the Nvidia control panel?

whats aa? d

AA=Anti Aliasing

Try turning off AA in the Nvida control panel.

Try turning off AERO interface for Vista, this is a really bad thing for modeling apps as it hogs alot of resources and can cause conflicts.

Try re-installing graphic drivers, uninstall all of the Graphic card drivers and utilities before hand, maybe you accidently selected another/ changed the default profile.

Daniel8488: i have my theme set windows classic, when i first got my computer i tried turning off aero and the process “DWM.exe” (desktop window manager) dropped from using almost 30 mb of memory to using about 1mb. so i decided to keep it at windows classic theme.
and YES turning off aa worked! tenjuberimud!