wierd bump mapping problem

i am very knew to texturing in blender., mosly been usuing for rendering. i just UV mapped a simple cube and am working on a box texture for it. now i also turned that same texture black and white and now want it to be a bump map for that box. when i depress “nor” and render it the bump map is shrunk and only on 1 face. any help?

EDIT::: just found that UV button but it doesnt look right at all… ill post a screenshot in 1 min


here it is easier to see because i have it colorized

I have never UV textured before . . . but my guess is that you need to turn on the “Cube” mapping and not the “Flat” mapping.

alright i got the image to match up right but not i dont see any “bumping” i have the Nor button pressed but nothing is showing up as changing at all. also though it wont matter much right now. does white make it bump up/down or doe sthe black area make it bump up/down. and is there a way i can choose to go up or down?

Hi !

I’m french and my english is not very good. So I 'm not sure to have actually understood what you have done or not.

What I can say is that UV mapping some faces creates the UV coordinates for these faces. If you want to add a bump texture (Nor) you have to create a gray scale texture and put it on a new channel (Image texture) and set it to UV to give them the same coordinates.

I do not think that using the Cube option is a good choice, because when you UV map, you play with flat textures, applied face by face, or applied to a group of faces.

The Cube option is used for procedural textures, and I do not think that it is suitable for UV mapping. Though, I’m far from being an expert in texturing!

So, I hope that someone else will give an advice.


ok, you are probably using tex face? that doesn’t work for bump mapping. what you need to do, is once you’ve set your UV coordinates, load the image onto your material in the >textures< window, and back in the materials window, change the mapping from '>orco< to >UV<. that’s your color channel, now do the same in the next texture channel for your bump map, but in the materials window, where >col< is clicked, press >nor< and unclick >col<

This is an off topic question but what os is that (windows with panther theme?)

modron im not quite sure what you mean. so ill just post a little picture of what my textures window looks like(also i had the “col” set just so you can see where it is supposed to be “bumping”)

edit:: im using WinXP with a skin from Windowsblinds

What you need to do.

  1. UV map it as you have been. I assume you created SEAMS with Ctrl+E the went from EDIT MODE to UVmap mode. Then you pressed the U-Key. Then in the UV Image Editor , you placed your wooden box image.

Am I right so far?

  1. Now, the cube needs to also have an image assigned to it as well. UV itself, in step one, doesn’t do that for you. So, as normal select the same exact image and apply it as a texture.

  2. Go to MATERIALS and in the MAPTO tab, select the UV button. (Also, choose FLAT)

IF you notice the MAPTO tab there is COL. That is the color, and image, of that image file. If you select NOR, that is the BUMPMAP of that image. If you select BOTH, then you get the image and the bumpmap at the same time.

(You don’t need to use TEXFACE button)

That’s all

TIP: Many images are NOT suitable for a BUMPMAP. So what I do, is go to photoshop (or paintShop) and create another image soley for exaggerating bumps and grooves.
This image is greyscale and I use contrast and brightness to adjust it. Dark areas are raised surfaces, and lighter areas are sunk in areas. (it depends on how you do it, The NOR button works ‘both ways’, in or out… You can adjust the NOR intensity with the slider bitton).

thanks i got it now. i just need to play around with the settings and my grey scale image so it doesnt look so wierd


Now the bumpmap is difficult at first, to create. You will notice that if you fade from a dark to a light grey your bump will have a gradual raise on the surface. If you use hard edges then you will have sharp edges in the bump.

Visit this thread and see my inputs with the UV bumpmap images.