Wierd Camera issue

alright, usually i can figure this kind of thing out myself, but now im turnin to everyone else. Heres the lowdown

Alright, everytime i render, it renders from the center of an object i made, and parented to a single bone.
I checked, and the camera i s nowhere near said object, so its not the cameras location. Im assuming that somehow i set some constrain or parent thing up that made the object center the render point…or some such thing.
Anyway, if anyone can help, thanks, sorry, i cant post the file.
peace out

Alright, never mind, if you can tell me my prob, thanks, but i just copied the object, deleted the original, and it fixed.
Maybe it was a ghost in the machine

So you know for next time, you probably had your object selected and hit ctrl-NUM0. That sets the active object to be the camera. It’s almost silly to call the camera THE camera in Blender since ANY object can be “the camera.” You [probably] could’ve fixed your problem by selecting the actual camera and hitting crtl-NUM0.

a man, thanks, i had no idea…stupid hot keys
(and there goes my blender ego)
thanks man

oh, cool i had the same problem!

thx SmokinJuan!