Wierd experiences you've had anytime in life

Okay okay, after the Draconity topic I decided we can settle down and have a nice clean topic on wierd things you’ve had in your life. This includes, wierd states, experiences, ect…

On the wierd state front many times in the past month I’ve somehow gone into a state of being half asleep and half awake. I have not tried to do this it just sort of popped up on me. I find it pretty wierd myself. I’m still dreaming yet I have the feeling of being awake,

Anything you’d like to share with us?

I remember several scary things, but the thing is… I don’t know if I really saw them or if they were just dreams.
Most of them were dreams I suppose, but then again if they were, then they were very convincing.

yea i have weird experiences.Its like sometimes…i have this de ja vu feeling…like i saw this before and that i experienced it and like its like i noe the future…which i think is impossible…:confused:

I’ve had a couple dreams that have ended up happening over the past month or so. In one, I dreamed that the car I was riding in went through the EZ tag lane on the tollway without having an EZ tag sticker on it, and that happened not long after. (Not exactly as I dreamed, but still happened.) Pretty weird, huh?:eek:

Besides hearing about people who consider themsleves dragons…

Hmm nothing springs to mind.

Yeah my wee wee got really big. And hair started to grow on the most particular places. My voice changed too. Then I got interested in the womens. Yes, they nice. Me like.

I think it happened 10 years ago.

bigbad, I thought you were a girl (shutters).

Anyways, I have a ton of dreams that come true (predict the future) and I have a lot of “da jahvu”, when it happens to me I predict everything that’s about to happen, but I try to interupt that flow of occurances. I had a dream about a mall I would go to, what it looked like and I went their with my dad, I recently visited this mall, I was going to a movie and all of the sudden, their it was, I was in that mall, so I’m going to make sure me and my dad are never in that mall at the same time, on the other hand though, I did see some pretty hot girls in this dream, oh and the mall is a new mall that was built this year, I had this dream about 5 years ago. :slight_smile:

I took some tests (for fun) on esp and stuff and they said I was a psycic (I know I did’nt spell that right), I don’t give “tests” any kind of creedance.

(I’m spelling horribly tonight :frowning: )

GET SOME SLEEP!that would improve your horrible spelling.:smiley: :wink:

Dude, if I kept having dreams that predicted the future somewhat I would hope to heck that was not of satanic origion. I wouldn’t really believe those tests, but I’ve heard of many people who say they’ve had dreams come true.

Dude, if I kept having dreams that predicted the future somewhat I would hope to heck that was not of satanic origion

I would hope few people think this. Odd though it may be, I’d probably assume it was to do with the way the brain works. Deja vu has strong links with temporal lobe epilepsy, for instance.

We are incredibly good at making up the past. An experiment I remember quite well is one where subjects were shown falsified images of them as a child in a hot air balloon. Several days later many of them could remember being there. However, they never had been on a hot air balloon ride. I see no more reason to posit demonic activity here than I do when I have a cold.

If you really want to find out, write down your dreams. Then you can see the number that don’t happen in real life, the number that you never actually dreamt and how vague any matches are.

CD, how would it be demonic? Satan does’nt know the future, maybe if anything it’s a profetic gifting (I hope not, I ca’nt stand profets). I think YOUR under the influence of something demonic, YOU have a demon telling YOU that YOU are something contray to what the Bible teaches.

@trak wrecka: Yeah your probably right.


You should keep a log of all your dreams (brief descriptions), then when you feel like your in a moment that you dreamed before, go through the log and try to match it up with a dream.

You’ll be surprised at the results.

Whoa, creepy, so are you saying that (with the temperal epillepse thing) I’m thinking or experiencing a few clicks behind time? So what has already happened is what I’m enteracting with? if so, would’nt that be sorta like traveling back in time, I’m in the future, but I’m interacting with that past?
Whoa :eek: , I think I just wet myself… In the past :eek: .

LOLZ :stuck_out_tongue: :eek:

Whoa, creepy, so are you saying that (with the temperal epillepse thing) I’m thinking or experiencing a few clicks behind time? So what has already happened is what I’m enteracting with? if so, would’nt that be sorta like traveling back in time, I’m in the future, but I’m interacting with that past?

No. Your brain is getting confused and combining past events with the current. Your brain takes what is happening now and thinks it is a memory, then thinks “Hmm, seems familiar”. There is the opposite of deja vu, jamais vu, too.

This is just your brain getting things wrong, nothing like time travel.

ok, hope this doesn’t get too long here. first, scientifically speaking we are “living in the past”. since light travels faster than sound, what we see occurs fractions of a second before we hear it. our brains then naturally slow down the light pattern synapses to match the sound. this all happens very quickly, and in everyday life distance between you and the object you’re looking at isn’t very far apart, so the difference in light/sound is negligible. though, this does give rise to the “slow motion effect” (raise your hand if you’ve ever had this!!), which occurs when the pattern matching is chucked out the window in favor of quicker “fight or flight” responses.

now, onto my experiences. i’ve had several “prophetic” dreams, where i see what may happen in the future, and it happens. a very recent example occurred a couple months ago, when i had to get my senior pictures taken for my school yearbook.

i had had a dream where i walked down an ally, onto a main street, and then walked down that for about a block. the ally had green paint on both sides, and though i didn’t remember entering the ally, i remembered what was on the main street. some old looking buildings, some painted green, and i turned left down this street. then, i remember stopping to look at a candy store, before continuing onto an undetermined path, when i woke up before reaching my destination.

then about a week or two later, when i went to get my pictures taken, the dream happened. everything, exactly as i saw it, only this time, i found my destination. i’d also like to mention that i was never in that part of town, didn’t even know it existed until that day.

some of my dreams are more symbolic though, and i have to waste time interpreting them. whatever, the ones i remember come true, though not always as i interpreted them (time frame a bit off, etc.). other than that, i’ve had deja vu from time to time, though i often recognize when my mind makes it up, or if it’s just something that i do all the time and i’m just now realizing it.

now for the part i am sure to get ridiculed for. i believe in magic, and though i don’t follow any specific religion (i like doing things my way), i strongly believe in suggestive thought, kinda like what CD seems to have done, but in a more positive way. many times, i have thought of ways in which i should change (mainly physically), and after about a week of strong focused thought, i begin to resemble the form that i strongly desired (nothing out of this world, something feasible, like drop a couple pounds, or clear up that face of mine). on top of that, i believe that i can communicate with animals (not like Aquaman, but more like understanding intentions), and have a thing for fire.

well, that’s all. oh, and to the thread starter, you misspelled “weird.”

well, my last girlfriend and I had a very dramatic break-up in the middle of an IHOP. that was a weird experience.

hmm, now maybe if it were a seven-eleven…

But dude! would’nt that make an awesome movie?! What if there was this dude and his whole life he’s had this problem and it keeps getting worse and he falls inlove some how and time keeps slipping past him faster and faster and before he knows it the girl he fell in love with is dead and he’s an elderly man and on his death bed. Would’nt that make a cool movie? Or it could go some other way.

Well, one day, we went into Micky D’s…Ronald came up to us and pulled out the plugs in his shoes (thereby deflating them), started crying and got down on one knee and sang a medley of ave maria and the star spangled banner. The staff was flipping all beef patties to the beat of contented cows happily chewing their recycled animal byproducts chow. We got lucky because the cashier forgot to ask us if we wanted a soft drink so we got our meals for free.
We got really neat pocket-bike racer things with our happy meals and set up napkin and ketchup pack things for them to race through while we consumed our free dinner.
It was all sort of like a dream.

I stayed up for 3 days straight - with no sleep. The first night was just for fun because I found everything funny while I was delerious, but I had realized that I had to go to school in just 4 days so I had to stay up the second night so the next day, I could go to bed at a normal time