wierd gnome thing?

i have no idea wat this i, but i had an idea and modeled it, i think this went very well, :Das it is my very first face ive modeled without references,:yes: here it is:

Looks good for a start, but you are missing the things that most people miss when they first start modelling faces. The eyes on a person’s face are more tucked up underneath the brow line, there is a fold of fatty skin there, have a look in the mirror, you’ll see it. The outside of the nostrils is good, but have a look at your actual nostril hole, it is stretched out almot to the tip of your nose. Now this would not be plausible here, but It would look a bit more relatable if the nostrils came forward more.

I can easily see that you are trying to go for cartoony, but the nose is a bit too out of place. The rest of the face does not go cartoony enough. Accentuate the cheekbones, the jawline, the outer edge of the brow line and the chin. Look at some caricatures of people on google images to see what I mean.

But dude, since you are not a big organic modeler (I can see by looking at all your cars :p) this is a very good attempt at your first off-the-cuff head. Keep going till it is complete, you’ll learn a heap. I find that the proportional falloff thingo helps a heap with organic modelling when you are making adjustments. People also like sculpt, but I can’t get my head around it.

Also, a tip for the ears, the part where the ear connects with the head should be roughly in line with or below the outer corner of the eye. If you want to make it more cartoony, the ears can be lower, but seldom are they higher, unless you think it is really necessary.

Good luck and keep blending!