Wierd hack

I’ve been using a weird hack to match a lightsaber to a movie-mapped plain. In order to match the exact position in the viewport of each fram, I click the plain with the quicktimemovie mapped, then any of the preview mapping (not mapping buttons related to how the image is mapped) buttons (sphere, flat, etc.) Aferthat I click the render viewport button, the moview will update to the current frame. Is there an easier way. The view background option won’t work for me ince the saber goes out of view and needs to match the position but not exactly the viewed movie 1-1 to the camera (which is why I use a plain.)

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re doing, but would rendering the animation and then using that as the background reference work?

EDIT: Also, you spelled weird wrong.

I guess it would. Didn’t think of that. I don’t get why uv mapped movie textures don’t update based on the frame though.