Wierd Issues when Moving Vertices

Hey guys,

  Whenever I go into Sub-object mode...like working with vertices, edges, etc, and I move or scale my selection, the vertices (or faces, whatever) will snap to the object behind it. No, my snap isn't on. It must be a bug. When I rotate the view so that there isn't a seperate object behind my selection, everthing moves fine.

What gives? Am I the only guy with this problem?



sounds like you have the retopo button pressed. open edit buttons, and go into edit mode to check.

Sub-object mode = Edit Mode …

Like Modron said, sounds like that some how you got your self in to Retopo mode for your mesh … Just turn it off in the Mesh panel in the Editing context (F9) in Edit Mode …

You might want to read up on Retopo : http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Retopo