Wierd particle behavoir on a frac plane

I made a plane, and subdivided it fractally a couple of times and made it a particle emitor.

For particle setting, I left everthing default except the life and end and put a force of -1.0 in the z axis.

This should make the particles fall down, right?

Well, instead, the particles go up above the plane, and then fall down.

Why? It works properly on a regularly subdivided plane, why not on a fractal one? I have 0.0 for the normal speed.

Any thoughts?

Try increasing the Keys value (top right of the particle settings), especially if they have a long life.

Maybe check your normals?

Nah, he said the initial speed was 0

I just tried it, if you turn the life way up, then they do go up for a bit before coming back down again - turning keys up a lot too fixes it (but takes longer to calculate)

If you double the life and double the keys, then the quality of the path stays about the same.


yah, it seems that increasing the keys does solve the problem.

It does seem weird that with no other force acting on them, they go up first, then go down.

Oh well, at least there is a why to solve it.

Thanks again guys. :smiley: