wierd question

If you had sex for money with a person you where in a relationship with, would you then be considered a whore?

yes. that’s what prostitution is. though why your partner would need to buy you is kind of baffling (not saying you personally, just extending the rhetoric!)unless its some kind of kinky roleplay, i can understand that as being a safe way of having that experience but you’re still being paid for sex so yes its still prostitution, though you’d be your partners secret private whore so thats kind of sexy, if thats what your excited by :wink:

Why would this be a serious question in your opinion?

I just ask because it almost sounds like you want to sell yourself to someone, is the view you have of yourself really that low (to actually want to become property)?

Quid pro quo is a staple of many marriages, they’re just not quite so obvious about it. Sometimes its referred to using sex as a weapon, otherwise using sex to get what you want be it money or your spouse accompanying you to the opera.

For instance a spouse may refuse sex to their other if they don’t take out the trash on a regular basis or decide to go on a fishing trip rather than brave their in-laws for a holiday dinner.

Most of the time it’s not money, but it’s not really any different.

no we just had a discussion on teamspeak and i wondered if it was still considered a whore :stuck_out_tongue: nothing personal or serious.

Ah, one of those ‘it came from the internet’ curiosities.

Rule of thumb, much of the internet (more specifically the user-driven portion of it) is garbage (that’s why I only visit a limited number of websites).

ohh i also noticed now, i made a misstake. i ment “ARE in a relationship with”, not “where in a relationship”. does this change your opinion?

No, that is called marriage. Badum tish!

Heh… Didn’t Pat Benatar write a great tune about “Sex As A Weapon?”

To me, these things are not “relationships.” (Let alone “marriages.”) The two parties are staying mostly-entirely out of the swimming pool and are only putting their … ahhh, “feet” :rolleyes: … in.

Gentlepeople, next time you go to a wedding, listen to what those people traditionally say to one another, even though they do not (yet …) know what they are saying to one another at that time. “Forsaking all others … for richer or for poorer … in sickness and in health … 'til Death do us part.” This is not something that you “are given.” This is something that you make. (And, that you preserve and labor-upon every single day.)

But if you do this, it is an immovable rock that will withstand “poorer,” and “sickness,” both of which will one day surely come. And that will defeat both of them, when they do come.

Yeah, “sex is part of it. Sex is an important part of it.” But it is still just the very-small percent of the iceberg that you can see above the waterline . . .