wierd shading

This happens alot to me, I try to play my game and all of a sudden some of the objects are shadeless. I go to the materials panel and everything is normal. Why does this happen?

did you put lights in the scene?

yes there are lights, only some objects turn shadeless

does any one know why this happens.

I think it might just be a bug or error, you should download version 2.47 and try it out and see if it works.

Are you using “use blender materials”?

YellowLambo: I’m using the 2.46 apricot build and am about to install the 2.47 apricot build.

B3D00: Yes I’m using “Use Blender Materials”.

can anyone help with this.

can you supply a .blend?

is this inside blender or blenderplayer?

Is it all white or all black or you can’t see it?