Wierd Slow-Down then Speed-Up in Texture Paint

I don’t know why it happens, but for some reason when I upwrap creature models and paint them in texture paint, it turns most of it brushes at an ok speed, but then all of a sudden when I get to a certain area, usually the head, blender dramatically slows down to usually a dead-stop for at least 10 seconds even though I have almost the lowest poly version of the creature that I can possibly have.
Then, when I mark seems and unwrap again, its a little less slow, but still slow.
THEN, I separated the head from the creature and made it into its own separate object, textured the head and the body separately, then rejoined them and recombined the vertices that connected them and unwrapped it again, making the same exact shape that I had originally but now painting the head doesn’t slow down nearly as bad as before.

What the…???

it is actually strange, cause blender should not have to calculate anything with the faces that is not being painted… anyway, have you tried to simply Hide portions of the mesh by using H? you can use Alt+H to bring it back.

I didn’t at the time. Since I don’t have the problem anymore I can’t test it.