wierd texture mapping

i have been designing a minecraft character and i added a new head in and joined the uvs. for whatver reason when i look at the texture in texture view mode its fine but when i go to rendered view it has som wierd black triangles apearing on it
i have the picture here

maybe someone knows why this is hapening? any help would be much apreciated

in edit mode ctrl-n recalc. outside!

i tried that already. normals were my first thought and maybe i havent fully ruled it out though

its strange because when i play with the normals it changes the way that the black triangles are oriented but doesnt get rid of them

Co-planar faces? Did you try to remove doubles (vertices)?

i believe i might have done that. that really makes sense.is there any way to fix that or will i need to start over?

Personally I’m at a loss. In my (limited) experience those are are co-planar faces or similar. Duplicated object?

post the your blend. you’ll get a faster response, instead of all this guessing.