Wierd viewport render issue

Hello I got a really strange problem in blender.
When I activate the materials render in the viewport it doesnt looks as it should and the same thing happens when I try to render it with Evee.
When I try to render it with cycles everything is fine.
I reisntall the Programm 3 times but it still also doesnt work.
I am using blender 2.91
thanks for help!
The file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IZluUSC21GZ_MCcK5hpLM0kZrKGukESS/view?usp=sharing

Considering that you haven’t packed the textures with the file we won’t be able to tell if there’s a difference anyway. You could’ve at least shown a screenshot of what’s looking wrong on your side.
However, if the problem you’re having is what I think it is… Are you using an AMD GPU? If so:

If that is not the problem, then please provide more information about what exactly is looking wrong.

I have a rx 570 so i will try downgrading the driver.
but the problem about the screenshots is that I can only put 2 links In my Question

I have an RX 590. Driver version 20.11.2 and after prevents rendering. I am having an ongoing exchange with AMD tech Support. So far all suggestion have failed. The problem has now been elevated up the chain at AMD.

All other functions in Blender function normally for me including the viewport.

Can you please tell me if you got a solution for the issue form AMD
Thank you

Not yet. I last communicated with them 3 days ago. Support suggested I stay with the driver prior to 20.11.2 which works perfectly for me. The issue has been elevated to a higher level at AMD. They are aware of the problem.

As soon as I get a reply, and, hopefully a solution, I will post to this forum as well as 2 other forums I am on with people having the same problem.

This problem will be fixed when AMD completes the fix in a driver update. No idea when that will happen.

Where do you get 10.11.1 I just can downgrade to 20.11.2


Radeon™ RX 590 Previous Drivers | AMD

Installed Blender 2.92 alpha yesterday. Latest AMD drivers work with this version. Objects no longer render as “black.”