Wierd white fluff in render

In my render i have now wierd white fluff. I dont know what it is. I tried adding missing files and turned the mist right down in case its that.

here is my file . castle

thank you up front for any help.


unfortunately, a 404 for the linked blender scene

I think you have a plague of spiders!

Seriously it seems to be a particle system, you are probably using different particle systems for grass, reeds, leaves etc, one of them should be the culprit. Try to isolate it by turning them off one by one.

l\Looks like those spiders are developing. This is my newest scene. But this is becoming really frustrating.

. This time i made trees with the sapling add on. Used wieght paint for were the leaves are to go. Then appended into my scene. And what do i get … thousands of trees replicas on my island. My only option now is to try create thye trees in my scene so i dont have to append.

ok so it has to do with apending, its a bug.

I thought the exact same thing :crazy_face:.