Nothing in this picture is moving. Stare at one particular point and everything will stop.


Is that freaky or what?

guess whats my destop wallpaper now? :stuck_out_tongue: nice one.

That’s pretty awesome. Where’d you find it?

My uncle sent it to me. But here is the link:

People with only one eye must get so confused by other people’s reactions to optical illusions.

I remember this from somewhere…

This one works with only one eye.

yeah, there was a thread with a bunch of these a while ago. it still messes with the mind though :slight_smile:


Look here!

You probably remember it from Slashdot, as it somehow made the front page. I swear, that site is really going downhill…

This has been posted around here about… 50 times? More? Oh well, i had it set as my desktop background for a bit… that lasted about 10 seconds…


Funny, same with me.

That is absolutely the worst possible background ever. I’d rather have broght purple neon lights on my monitor than have that thing for a background. That said, yes, it is old, yes it owns the hell out of every other illusion out there.

Anyone know what the theory is behind this illusion?

When I look at the top left circle, the one immediately below it seems to turn clockwise and the one next to it goes anti-clockwise. If you look at the composition of the 2 circles, they are colored differently.

these a link in the other thread (the one I linked to) that goes to the guys site and I think he explains it.