Wiggle bones (a jiggle bone implementation for 2.8)

in the jiggle bone panel i’ve included buttons to select all the jiggle bones in your armature, and then a bake button to bake them. the baking is just blender’s bake action operator, so you can read up on that if you want to familiarize yourself with the overall baking procedure.

as for the bones not jiggling when duplicated, my only suggestion would be to toggle the ‘enabled’ state. the add-on keeps an internal list of all bones enabled for jiggling, and unfortunately when duplicating an enabled object, it does not trigger this list to update automatically.

i really need to make a tutorial video to help with common questions about usage! :slight_smile:


If you put this up on gumroad I’d love to donate to you. Your work on this is great

Just tried latest version of your addon, it’s just awesome work! I feel like performance increased and simulation working much more stable. Thank you so much!!!

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Big issue I’m running into related to this script. It seems to be preventing all other animations on the character from being rendered. Everything shows up fine in viewport but the render (ctrl+f12) only renders the wiggle bones and blocks all other bone movements.

hi there, unfortunately this is a known issue. the bones must be baked into keyframes for things to work properly when rendering.

I did bake the wiggle bones and they work fine in the render. For some reason, all other non-wiggle bone key frames in the animation don’t get rendered.

So I found a work around to disable the Wiggle Bone on the armature after the wiggle bones have been baked.

yes, you have to disable the wiggle or it will continue to calculate even after baking. you’ll notice i included a bake button in the wiggle bone panel that has several options to automate this process!

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Got it, thanks for the info

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God, it so good! AWESOME. Dude, can you to attach patreon or another thing to support you in first message! Keep doing it better!

Thank you so much for this amazing plugin, very useful! I’m not sure how do we put collisions?

Not implemented yet afaik! If you want collisions there is a previous version that left them enabled in a buggy form. You can also try the Spring Bones addon which produces lower fidelity / simpler dynamics but does include collisions. Also there are some versions of Jiggle Bones addon that have collisions implemented but arent as easy to set up / control as Wiggle Bones.

Can’t bake animation form start frame which set to minus value. sometimes it is necessary to set start frame to minus value for physics simulation then skip some frame(minus frames) later to achieved smooth transition in final render. can you provide such feature?

hmm just looked, it appears blender’s bake operator (which is what i’m using) doesn’t accept negative frames, even if you have your timeline set to allow negative keyframes.

are you actually looking to bake negative frames, or just have those frames be calculated as a pre-roll so the physics state is pre-warmed when the bake starts? i’m doing a similar hack to do looping animations that i could possibly extend to pre-calculate earlier frames.

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noticed, and thanks for your reply.

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Hey there. I currently need a solutions for my hair rig using bones. i like your script so far! Any ETA on the collisions? I do need the hair to register the character’s body as well as other hair locks. I’ll likely post images of what i have here from time to time.

I use your tool to rig Daz3d Hair in Blender

Thanks for the add-on! I’m trying to rig some hair and having issues when adding multiple strand rigs. The first chain set up ok, but when I set up the second chain of strand bones they refuse to wiggle. The most I could get was for 1 out of the 6 (the bottommost bone). I know something’s up because even with wiggle active and selected in all of the bones, when I click “Select Wiggle Bones” it only selects the bones that are actually working (one full chain and the bottommost bone on the other). Any tips?

by chance, did you create the second chain of bones by duplicating the first chain in edit mode?

that can create an edge case where the addon doesn’t actually know about the newly created bones even though they show as enabled. in those cases, simply toggling the “wiggle bone” checkmark on any of the bones should force them all to re-evaluate.

let me know if the issue persists though and i can see if there’s any other issues that might be causing the problem. the only other bug i know of is if the “whole character” keying set is enabled, it will auto-set keyframes on internal variables that break the calculation.

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Hello! Wanted to say I love the way this made my animation look, gives it so much life! I am having issues unfortunately, when I first tried rendering, it kept rendering the same frame repeatedly but still counting up. I figured I had to bake the physics but when I baked all my physics were gone and it became the walk animation I originally made. I tried messing with all the baking options but kept getting the same result.

Not sure what to do here but thought you may have an idea?

baking only bakes the selected bones - did you have the wiggle bones selected (i made a button to help with that!)

Yes I did click that button and even tried manually selecting all the wiggle bones but no luck. I did find that I could render individual frames with the wiggle still intact so I may just do that if all else fails.