Wiggle bones (a jiggle bone implementation for 2.8)

the bake button in the wigglebone panel is just a convenience function. enabling ‘additive’ should push the existing animation into an nla strip for non-destructive baking. if you want to bake into your current action, i’d recommend just using the standard action baking functionality in blender where you can set things exactly as you want them.

in the new version i’m likely reversing the behaviour, defaulting to baking into the current action, and you can make an nla strip of your current animation manually if you want.


yes pleaaaaase! can’t wait! anytime soon? I think many people waiting for this :slight_smile:

maybe we can support author somehow?


appreciate the sentiment! although mostly i’m just looking to give back to the blender community, slow as i tend to move!

i’m just hunting down the cause of a few bugs ahead of getting it out to you all! (although i’m sure there’ll be more bugs discovered once more people start playing with it)


Great addon, thanks!

I’m wiggling insect limbs and wings.

Except for the render crashes. It took me a while to figure out that wiggle was causing that, and not my other render settings. But baking it to the new NLA strip seems to work!
Viewport preview renders are absolutely stable.

Hi there!

Thanks so much for this awesome addon! It works great in the viewport for me, but I’m having troubles baking. The baked jiggle looks completely different from the real-time viewport jiggle: baked = much tinier, much faster movements, or non at all. I’ve tried the following trouble-shooting steps/ideas:

-baking via the plug in with additive bake disabled
-baked entire animation into NLA, then baked wiggle bones separately
-baked via object > animation > bake action > only selected bones & pose
-baked via object > animation > bake action > visual keying & pose
-baked via object > animation > bake action > only selected bones & visual keying & overwrite current action & pose
-baked in blender 2.83 to see if it’s an issue with 2.92

and a bunch of other stuff. I’m out of ideas :frowning: I need the wiggle for an animation, not a game, am so sad this isn’t working. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

have you been able to figure this one out? i have a similar issue! thanks :slight_smile:

This does seem to be a persistent problem for a number of people, apologies!

Do you have the timeline set to play every frame? Often times frame skipping in viewport playback can make one set of physics values appear to work in the viewport but not in the render.

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thanks so much for your reply! omg! that was it! my collaborator had changed it to “sync to audio” but didn’t tell me and i had no idea. Thank you so so so so much for your reply! saved my week!


Hi, I really like this add on. But may I ask if this add on is licensed under the GPL GNU like blender?