Wii controller and nunchuck

started mainly with low polygon models and smoothed with subdivided surfaces.
Added boolean operations to high res meshes and beveled edges with bevel script.

Works quite nice to make quick mock-ups when you do not have NURBS.



Looks just like the real thing, only blue! :slight_smile:

Nice work. :yes:
I remember a while back, (I think around the 2.45 era) I tried this. I even managed to animate it with a softbody cord. Anyway, it was nowhere near as detailed as this. Again, nice work.
Are you going to continue to model a cord for the nunchuck as well?

yep yep

I will make the pipe today and model the connector using boolean modifiers.

This is a class demo for my render class.

The ramp shader somewhat simulates surface fresnel reflectivity.
I am exploring how far GLSL could be used to get believable realtime render results.

How did you do the softbody animation? Sounds interesting!

Looks really nice - The lighting is superb in my humble opinion :open_mouth:

May I ask about wires?

Greetings, Robert

The light set up is just only using GLSL so not realtime AO which would be nice.

Here are mesh images.

started low poly and when it was time to do boolean cuts I meshed fine with the SubSurf smoothing.




Topsy curvy. :slight_smile: