Wii controller

Super mario Galaxy, Wiimote, and nunchuk.


Wow nice! No crits here! Great job!

Cool, the only criticism I have is that the wire looks a little sharp. Other than that, very nice modeling on the controller!!!

so far, i can only see two problems, the holes for the speaker look as if they bloat out in the middle, and the cover over the batteries looks wrong, nice modelling anyway

really good except the wire needs some work…Here’s a render I did…the red wire is using curves and the black wire is using subsurf…Here’s the blend: http://www.mediafire.com/?egq99zdnyco
and the render:


Methinks the curve turned out better than the subsurf… Personal preference, though.

nice modeling.

just fix the wires and its be perfect.

Fix the wires. And the battery cover. Nice work!