Wii friend codes? (thread now with actual friend codes!)

EDIT: or at least mine and Valarkings numbers- I’ll post it here and at the end. Took me forever to figure out where the number was (for the curious, it’s in messages / address book):

3775 6500 6311 1370

hopefully everyone who wanted a wii got one… because they fucking kick ass. I waited in line for three hours WITH a pre-order, so I’d be interested to hear similar line stories. anyway, I want to send my miis over to another console so we should get wii friend codes up. are there any online multi games yet? I heard they were still working on it, but no worries. there weren’t any online DS games for months after launch and now look at it.


PS. I think the new forum design kicks ass. good work.

PPS HAPPY THANKSGIVING (americans only. celebrating the day we began raping the land and its indigenous peoples by indulging in fearsome acts of gluttony. my favorite holiday!!!)

From what I hear, the first online game for the Wii will be Pokemon Battle Revolution (or whatever it’s called now). Smash Bros will follow at some point.

You lucky ********'s! You’ve already got your copies. We in Europe still have to wait until 8th of December :(:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, have fun!

PS: Have you bought Wii Play? I’m kinda doubting on buying that

well… i don’t have a wii and never played one or seen one… same for ps2 or xbox360.

what about other people

I want one, i still have to wait till there are more wii’s in my area…all sold out. They look so fun.

i waited around 17 hours for my Wii.
i got red steel, zelda, cod3, and excite truck :slight_smile:

Oh man. I was second in line for the Wii. My brother was first in line – the line only consisted of 17 people and we didn’t show up until three in the afternoon. It was a 5 Hour wait since the store closed at 9 P.M. (we had to come back at midnight to pick them up – one for us, the other for a friend who’s father was in the hospital). I am so addicted to Excite Truck! I haven’t even used my computer much at all since we bought the Wii! I have never before played a game that was so exhilarating and intense!

I got mine but for some reason in cant get it connected. The Wii and my wireless router see each other, agree on the adresses and then nothing happens :frowning: We’re working n it but its gonna take time, we tried everything lol.

In the meantime i can play Zelda :smiley: I have to say that Ocarina of Time’s title as my favorite zelda game ever is seriously in peril :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope I can get hold of one on release date. I pre-ordered it from Bart Smit but I’m a bit suspicious about them actually putting aside a Wii for me. I guess I’ll go wait in line, just in case :P.

I’ll post mine in a bit. I’m about video game-ed out today.
Neverwinter Nights 2 crashed after I spent 45 minutes on the final boss fight with no save. :frowning:

The Wii looks pretty cool- I’m not getting it though, saving up for new computer parts. Since its graphics aren’t anything special, is it still immersive?

I didn’t say I had one. But I am getting one. And I do have a lot of knowledge on it.

If I were you, I wouldn’t get it. Save up for a blockbuster game, unless you have younger siblings who need something other than Wii Sports to do.

wii play comes out in january


Mine: 2861 5242 5627 1106

liek totally add mee guyz

If you’re gonna start the thread, then at least post your’s?

I was home at thanksgiving so I couldn’t boot her up. I’ll post the friend code shortly. I already made a pedophile mii and a mii that looks EXACTLY like my girlfriend. it’s pretty funny in boxing!!!

3775 6500 6311 1370

sorry for the double post

I just spent hours making miis… I’ve never had so much fun… my “hitler jr.” mii will make you piss your pants… also my kurt cobain. maybe I post pictures for the wii-less