Wii Nunchuck controlled mood tail is a furry's heaven on Earth.

I’d totally get this if 1, it interfaced with your brain, 2, it was a real biologically grown tail to implant or you just grow it, and 3, it was a reptile tail.

I’m an otherkin Dragon and not a furry, so the furry comments don’t relate to me, but I found this thing interesting if not you had to control it with the nunchuck and you needed to show it emotion cards (it doesn’t actually use your bio signals to do stuff).

Enjoy the video in the link (no nudity, language, R-rated stuff in the video what-so-ever):yes:

I saw that and thought it was pretty ridiculous. Nice concept for animatronics though.

I have to say… it’s a cool idea but pretty dumb

Oh god… think of the possibilities regarding the front side…