Wii or PS3?

Wiiiiiiii for suuuuure.

Waiting for it already. I do believe that it is going to be the greatest console or the biggest srew-up ever. But I have faith in BigN, they hardly ever disappointed me in the past (and they never did when it was something important…).
Also, if I get to play a Metroid / Zelda (so waiting for the online service of the SNES games, too!) and SSB game, then I need nothing else…can anyone say Fanboy?

I’ll only buy a new console if it has as many good games as Playstation or SNES.

the blu ray player
Blu-ray can either be a blessing or a curse. If Blu-ray does not win the DVD format war, then you’ll be stuck with a player that can’t play most of the movies released. If it Blu-ray stays, then you’re in the money, and it was (more) worth the money. If it loses, you just spent a lot of money on something that is not the standard.

If I remember correctly, Toshiba, Intel, and Microsoft are backing HD-DVD (Blu-ray’s competition’s format).

Wii FTW!

Henrymop, I guess you haven’t heard that SNES (as well as all 16 bits game console games) will avialible for download and play.

The wii will breath some life into the gaming industry.

Henrymop, I guess you haven’t heard that SNES (as well as all 16 bits game console games) will avialible for download and play.

Sorry, vauge. I ment the new games.

Definitely Wii.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Legend of Zelda, The Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, Corruption, Super Mario Galaxy all make great reasons to get the Wii.

Backwards compatibility also makes a great statement as to why you should get it.

The PS3 looks like it’s just the PS2 with slightly enhanced graphics and a hard drive, and the 360 is made by the tyrannical giant Microsoft (good enough reason not to get that).

Besides, I’ve always been for Nintendo, and their company seems more like a more friendly face than any other I’ve ever seen (I seriously trust their products due to the awesome service they provide, among other great reasons).

I might get the PS3 when it comes down in price, but that seems like it’s going to be a very long way away.

The Wii works, why?

the name : it might sound silly, but it sure has everybody talking about it, viral marketing, anyone?

the price: it’s cheap, I can afford it, so can you.

the games: I’m bored of playing the same old shoot 'em ups with the only difference between each generation being the graphics, innovation for the win.

the controller: as opposed to throwing yourself around the room, gameplay is apparently more like a series of twitches in your wrist. I like the sound of this, so should you.

If I could afford it, I would buy all 3, and buy all games that bo with them, however I am yet to find a job that is very highly paid and gives me 0 hours a week to work.

If you asked me a month ago I would probably go with the Wii, but now (as I’m still finding out) the PS3 seems to bring more to the table than just the hardware push.

The PS3 will be able to run Yellow Dog linux, along with allowing access to the RSX for hobby game developers. (not to mention the cell processor)

It’s basically a $600 high-end computer, which (if you do the math) is beyond cheap when compared to what a PC providing the same performance would cost.

So before we accuse the PS3 of being too “pricy”, look at everything that you are getting for your buck.

I’m probably not going to buy a console, but if I had the money, I’d go with the PS3.

I don’t like the way Sony is treating its customers lately, but an officially supported linux distro is too good to refuse. This means that you can get lots of games and apps for free. My biggest reason for not getting a console is that the types of games I like is not usually available. Free turn-based strategy on a console with a keyboard and mouse doesn’t sound that bad.

The 60GB harddrive might be a bit small for all the extra stuff that I would install.

Wii easily. I couldn’t care about homebrew, none of the games would be half as good as commercial ones anyway

As far as I know there is only 1 really decent online service for consoles. It’s called x-link kai and it doesn’t discriminate on vendor platform. Also it is free :smiley:

XLink Kai is a global gaming network - bringing together XBox, Playstation 2, Gamecube and PSP users, in one integrated community. It is software running on your PC or Macintosh that allows you to play system-link enabled games online for free. Kai is the only service that is not console specific, and boasts one of the friendliest communites available.

Check it out over at http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/

Also, let me know if you would like your head shot off in XBOX GRAW on kai… I have a team of mates witing to oblige.


I don’t like the way Sony is treating its customers lately
During last year’s E3 when my brothers and I were watching the coverage on G4 for the XBOX 360 and PS3, we were seriously thinking about getting both. Now that Sony’s been condescending (and flat-out lied to customers at the 2005 E3 about the number of various interface ports on the PS3 and quite possibly lied about the release date which they said would be Spring 2006) we decided to stick to just the XBOX 360.

I’d rather see Nintendo get your money than Sony at this point.:wink:

all the downgrade was done after everybody saying how usless these things where. people didn’t see the point of 7 blue tooth contorlers. people didn’t see the point in 2 HDMI output. People complained about the new controler… all that was changed…

I don’t see why people are treating sony like lires but they did what the consumer wants. so now don’t complaine

Consumers dont know what they want.

Sony has attempted to create more than just a games console they have created a multi-usable, multi-taskable machine for just <£600, this thing can be clustered and used as a Super Computer(Info taken from the just released Linux Format Magazine) it can take control over you home network, the PS3 is astonishing.
When you actually check up what the PS3 can do compared to the other consoles it wipes the floor with them. When you look at the delays and some set backs its the same as every other console, mistakes happen. Things that where said in the past dont happen because of it being unpractical all console have this.

I cant wait for the PS3 and I will be buying one as soon as I get the cash. As I like my games & my computer, this machine is an all-in-one.

Hmm, consoles, eh?
Well its almost SantaClaus/SinterKlaas…
Maybe if I ask this year…

I’ve been arguing with my friends over this one…

I’d say as a generalisation wii for gameplay and ps3 for graphics.

Soo since I’m a pixely kinda guy I’d go for the ps3. Also I’ve heard that the wii is more difficult to control, and is more of a family console whereas the ps3 is more aiming for teenagers

Consumers dont know what they want.
I protest! I know exactly what I want.:smiley: (Which is to get a PS3…and then sell it on ebay, and get an HD TV with the profits.;):cool:)

I still dont see why everyone think better hardware means worse gameplay, honestly when i want to play a video game, i dont want to be jumping around with a numbchuck, dancing in front of the TV trying to slay some guy… and all I’ve seen from nintendo is a repeat for all of the titles they’ve had out since day one. Honestly I think the Wii Will end up like its predessor, a console for entertaining at like a party or some what. But when i want to sit down relax after work I’d rather have my PS3, if they ever get there availability up…

i dont want to be jumping around with a numbchuck

a console for entertaining at like a party or some what

Well, that’s what they’re advertising it as, but really you don’t actually have to jump around as much as they show in the adverts. From what I’ve heard, you could actually play it lying down in your bed, as you’re only really flicking your wrist around a bit.
You can jump around with it (more fun:D), but you don’t have to. Also, you can buy versions of the GameCube controller to use with it if you really don’t like the new one.

PS3 if I do.

Any console that starts up with the sound of an orchestra warming up is going to be a classier and more mature platform that Nintendo’s cutesy console. People may brag on about the inventiveness of Nintendo, but all I see is that their flagship games are Mario and Zelda - games they have been selling again and again in forms that lag behind the edge of innovation by some years. Nintendo are the masters of selling the same product over and over, while convincing many that it is new and/or innovative. Pokemon anyone?

The Wii will again be a console whose potential will be limited by Nintendo’s continued reluctance to allow anything they feel might offend a 10 year old audience.

So if in a few years the PS3 has enough good games and has dropped enough in price - I’ll buy it. If only to support a company that decided to pin its hopes on a novel processor that could have completely failed, rather than providing something based on safe but limited technologies. As software developers get to grips with the cell they will be able to crank preformance out of it long after the other consoles have fallen by the performance wayside.

I have never bought a console before, and I will never buy a Wii or Xbox360.