Wii question

im thinking about buying a Wii.I just have one question, is it possible to turn off the motion thing and just use the WiiMote as a regular controller?

it is possible, it depends on the game though. so games will allow you to play normally, others may not. but why would you want to turn it off? My Wii is working wonderfully with its motion sensorness.

well you should be able to use just the controller in select games and most of the remake and ports that are being brought to the Wii. just doesn’t make sense to require the motion sensor for the classical games. though if you are talking about turning it off for the Wii’s menu then I can’t help you cause I don’t have one to mess around with and find out these things. I really really want one :frowning:

No, there’s no way to play most Wii games without it.

You’d be a complete moron to buy a Wii if you didn’t like the motion sensitivity feature though.

well blenderrenderer what did you want to turn off the motion sensivity for? the wii games, the downloadable games from NES and stuffs? or the Wii’s Menu? we might be able to answer more easily if we knew exactly what u want.

Some games (like SSB: Brawl) use the standard GameCube controller, while the virtual console games use the special controller (sold separately) that more resembles an SNES controller.

Its called the Classic Controller and you attach it to the remote (like the nunchuk) so its wireless.

As someone who has a Wii, I will try to set some matters straight. The sensor bar can only be turned off when the machine is turned off (or when the bar is unplugged from the back of the machine.) It’s actually just two infrared lights which shine straight forward. The remote sees these two dots and the Wii uses their relative position to judge where the cursor will be shown on screen. It also uses the perceived distance between the two dots to determine the distance the remote is from the screen. The remote then sends this sensor information (along with button presses and motion sensing) to the Wii via bluetooth. The pointing is essential to Wii menu, as there is no other way to make selections.

Some games do not make use of the pointing, such as Excite Truck. Excite Truck is controlled by turning the remote like a steering wheel – which actually work great. In Zelda the cursor is only used for menu selections and aiming at things with arrows, the slingshot, boomerang, etc. Wii Sports only uses the pointing feature for menu selections – the rest of the game is motion controlled. Rayman, on the other hand, has a few games where pointing is essential to the gameplay – such as shooting bunnies with plungers, pulling worms out of teeth, spraying carrot juice, slamming port-o-potty doors, slapping children, etc.

The virtual console games do not use any pointing (as they were for machines which had no pointing devices.) NES and TurbogGrafx-16 games can be played by holding the Wiimote sideways with the crosspad on the left and the 1 and 2 buttons on the right. Some Sega Genesis games can also be played this way. All of the virtual console games can be played with a GameCube controller (as there are controller ports on the top). SNES, N64, and some Sega Genesis games need the extra buttons and/or the analog stick. There is also a “Classic Controller” attachment which connects to the port on the bottom of a Wiimote. It looks like a SNES controller with two analog sticks. For the most part, if you have a GameCube controller you would not need the Wii Classic Controller – though some later Wii games may need both classic controls and motion sensing.

I hope this helps clear up a few things.

Why would you buy a Wii if you didn’t want it’s motion sensing? Just buy a PS3 or 360.

Almost all games would use the motion sensing… and I’m pretty sure there is no way to turn it off.

depends on the game. you can use a gc controller or wavebird for all VC games, and some games like dragonball z 2 and super swing golf give you motion-less options. but then again, why? makes some sense for golf when I don’t want to wake up the girlfriend

If you don’t like the motion thingy, just don’t get it. I know I won’t be getting one eather.

The remote has motion sensors and an IR camera. The camera, along with rumble, eats much more battery than motion sensing etc. Waffler explained where the camera si used.

Btw, today I have bought Zelda:TP. It’s the first brand new game that I buy, even before owning the console! I saw it in a mall, it was the only copy, and judging the rest of wii games out there, it was restocked yesterday. This week I’ll get the wii, I don’t have it already because had no money when I could get it. (I’m from spain, it was released oficially the 9th, but almost everybody bought all existences the days before because it was holidays (also for freight companies) and most shops started to sell it the 4th or 5th).

I’ll buy also a bluetooth adapter and will make a wii remote library for blender game engine.

“The camera, along with rumble, eats much more battery than motion sensing etc. Waffler explained where the camera si used.”

You do realize that the camera is the motion sensing?

Mmm, there’s also some tilt sensitivity that works without the IF camera (eg when you are holding the remote sideways thus blocking the camera with your hand), no?

Nope, the remote has gyroscopes and accelerometers, which are more precise (and mesures more axis) than the camera. The nunchuck has accelerometers as well. Those gyroscopes don’t know where and how the TV is, which is the camera’s goal.

Even still, the batteries seem to last roughly 40 hours – which is a decent amount of time. For the avid gamer this might last one week, but for casual play it could last up to a month.

Even though the instruction manual says not to use rechargeable batteries we have been. Does anybody know what might happen if rechargeable batteries are used? Are they more likely to leak?

what wrong with just pull out the connector cord for the sensor from the unit
or you can cover up the sensor with black stick tape! low tech solution.
Some people even use two candle to simulate the sensor bar on PC!!!

Why in the world would you want to turn off the motion sense? I got a Wii and got used to it VERY quickly. THERE IS NO WAY I would want to go back to playing with a non-motion sense controller! Its so comfortable! The motion sense just makes it better(when I tried to play a racing game with my cousins last night on PS2, I had trouble not turning the controller). But just like everyone else said, you can plug in Gamecube controllers to play Gamecube games and virtual console stuff can use the classic controller($20)…but the Wii is the best next gen console in my opinion.

Also, LOZ Twilight Princess is my favorite Wii game if you’re looking for a good one-player game to buy with the Wii. It took about 40 hours and 47 minutes to beat(for an average person like me) and has my HIGHEST recommendations!