Wii Sports


I was just wondering if any Wii owners here (I know who you are, no need to deny it!) reached 2K skill level in any of the sports and if so which one(s).

It’s a shame it can’t be played over the net, we could have made leagues or something.


2k is pro right? well if it is, i got to pro in tennis on my frends wii, and my frend being the one who has no life and playing that all the time actually has his skill points off the charts, literally

2K is the chart’s maximum (which is outside of the graph’s white box). Pro is 1K.


It’s quite fun by the way - I’ve never tried it though.

I’m up to 600 on tennis, I only got it last week, though. I couldn’t work out why I had a sore arm the next day, d’oh!. :slight_smile: Lots a fun.

any one have a wii-cident?

Not yet, but I’m sure there will be one soon the way my little brother plays it.


Always wear the strap kids = )

i bought the wii gun (kind of typical that i would do that huh?) now all i have to do is buy a wii.

just kidding, i have a wii and the only thing im at pro at is boxing and golfing, i dont play it much.

I’m barely holding on to Pro status in bowling.
Every new game I play I seem to lose a few points.

Yes actually I am a pro at tennis and bowling and I can barely hold on it bowling also it seems that once you get the pro ball you suck I guess you just have to get used to it. Tennis was extremely hard for me to get up in becuase if you a 500 you have to face two 1000s and you have a 31 for a partner. Anyway I became a Tennis pro only a few days ago right before I was going to a private tennis lesson actually feel the irony. I didn’t know it till I got a message on my board. Hey you know it is possible to send each other your score I think if you have wireless and all that and add friends on your wii board you can send your pro scorey thing to your friends. Anyway yeah it is a bummer we can’t play ranked matches and stuff like that at least Smash Bros. Brawl is going to be! Yeh http://www.smashbros.com

I got my wii but only played wii sports like 15 times… I’m not really a pro in any of the rankings. I did beat excite truck backwards and forwards! Wii sports was a cool concept, but never appealed to me.
And yes Smash bros Brawl will be the best. Anybody else check the DOJO daily? lol.

I check dojo daily. Daily updates is such a wicked way to build smash bros hype. Anyways here played metroid prime 3? It’s the best demonstration of the wii-motes abilities imo.

Can anyone recommend games? I’m helping a friend with his uni project and he’s going to buy me a game as part of the payment.

@Vincimus. Did you know you can play as both players in tennis, you just select your Mii in both positions. Disregard, if I’m stating the obvious.

Metroid Prime 3, if you don’t already have it.

Super Paper Mario is pretty fun too.


I’ve got close to 1100 in boxing and just over 1000 in bowling, the others I’ve not really messed with too much.

Yeah deffinetly stating obvious you start with two players in the beginning. Oh and yes the best games are Halo 3 (we wish) no seriously Metroid Prime 3, Call of Duty 3 (don’t get medal of honor) , lets see umm Don’t get a racing game it gets old well at least teh ones without good graphics. Uh lets see ok um um um Oh yeah no. I can’t think of any lol. Um oh Super Mario Soccer thingy and Star Wars Lego 3 coming out soon.

Anyone feel like putting up there wii address to send each other invites to friend list? No yes? What ever I will when I get my wii fixed.

I’d laugh if it weren’t so sad…but Europe is STILL waiting for it.

I love Nintendo but seriously, the localisation thing is just ridiculous.

Seriously! Dude sucks for you! Usually were waiting for games that release in Japan.

Yeah, USA really sucks. Theeth, my lil brother has got more than 2k in tennis, at least. I haven’t played it that much. The game I’ve played most on the Wii is probably Resident Evil 1 Remake of GameCube. Well, maybe Excite Truck a bit more, but anyway… Waiting for Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy. Guitar Hero 3 will probably be cool as well.