Wii u!!!!

For those of you who don’t know yet, The people of nintendo announced their new system WII U. I think it was supposed to release next year. Anyway, the controller for it is AWESOME. It is going to be in the shape of the PSP sorta. It will have a touch screen on it and you can use it with the WII U. IT WILL BE AWESOME! :yes::yes::yes::cool:

Why is this in “Blender and CG discussion”?

Personally I can’t stand motion type games.

As a “hardcore” gamer i’m more concerned about what’s under the hood TBH. If it’s not up to spec it’s not worth my time and it seems it’s just going to have another gimmick attached even though i admit it is intriguing.

Also i don’t think this is the right forum section

people that’re used to the off topic section being in the CG disscussion’s place before the switch might not have been informed and simply think it’s been re-named, or forgot the fact entirely…

looks goo though :smiley:

Actually, I meant to put it here. Because most video games involve CG.

And Yes, it looks amazing. :smiley:

The controller looks really great, but the rumour mill is grinding as concerns the spec. I prefer to relax when gaming and leaping about the house while playing never appealed to me, but having a touchscreen interface like an ipad in the palm of my hands (fully wiimote capable in all other respects too) seems like a good idea. Getting rid of the hud on a hd screen and placing it on the gamepad sounds like a wonderful idea. Options could be changed on the touchscreen while still playing with an unobscured display.

HD is definately supported so the graphics capabilities are a step ahead of the original Wii. It’s rumoured to surpass the xbox360 in capabilities though. Since microsoft and sony seem intent on a 10-year lifecycle for their current consoles and are only half way through, it looks like nintendo might be back up there with the big boys again. :slight_smile:

It looks cool, though Wii really has to improve on their game graphics. They hurt the eyes!