Just got back from the store where I played the Excite Truck Demo and bought Super Monkey Ball!!!

they were unpacking the boxes from UPS when I got there, so I snatched their first copy!

now I just have to wait 3 days 10 hours 41 minutes and 54 seconds to play it.

I don’t think they had any first party ( nintendo) stuff, but I saw call of duty , marvel ultimate alliance, and trauma center.


Sweet! I’ll check my gamestop and see what’s there

LOL!!! :smiley:

Are they selling singley AND in packages, or ONLY in bundles?

i think until the 19th they can’t sell any nintendo branded products. so no bundles yet.

it is supposed to come bundled with Wii Sports.

To the contrary, I’ve been hearing that all the stores are bundling them in packages so they can sell them for the same price as a PS3 or Xbox 360.

But that’s just what I’ve heard, haven’t gone out to confirm it…

BUT…that IS what everyone seems to be saying…:wink:

When you buy the wii it comes with wii sports for the price of 279$CND.

“I’ve been hearing that all the stores are bundling them in packages so they can sell them for the same price as a PS3”

lol, not true at all. doubling the price of the Wii would still make it less than a ps3.

I have two friends who are combining their money to buy a Wii and some games. I can’t wait until sunday!

Can you imagine the variety of mini-games the developer would use the controller for the wario’s ware games?

I have always loved WarioWare. I heard that WarioWare: Smooth Moves gets very tiring after about 15 minutes of play!

just went into best buy and they had one copy of red steel and one copy of raving rabbits - so I picked up both. I’m getting my wii as a preorder from nintendo world in nyc tomorrow night. zelda got a 98 on www.metacritic.com

It got a 8.8 on Gamespot, but I looked at the summary and I realized it had all I wanted.

So, who’s going to wait till midnight at wal-mart and get stampeded, or buy one for like 5000 off of someone before you?

Well, it is Wiileased today (my bad pun of the day)!

Won’t get mine until christmas, but cant wait. So, Can anyone tell me how much these games are? Ive been hearing different numbers

just look them up on a retailers website.