Wiiiiiiiiiiiii! (post your photo)

ionno, the picture is hosted on a portfolio site with links to blenderartists, so i assumed it was real. shrugs

Well, it’s just probably that you haven’t seen the actual real photos of basse, or the wii advertising photos. That picture is one of them. Errare humanum est - people make mistakes.
If they didn’t it would be pretty boring, I’d say.

oh, ok. :o
Vae! - Damn!

Mind if I jack into this thread.

Be careful when choosing to use the wiimote. Or otherwise.
Makes you want to think twice huh?

You can do the same with any kind of controller. You could even do it with your brand new PS 3 or Xbox360, if you want to waste the money. What’s so crazy about it :smiley:

Oh and I have to say, in the end I’m really suprised that so many people want to get Wii. Only one of my friends got one yesterday. All the others (including me) came too late…

The webmaster of that Wiidamage.com is a fucking moron, hahaha.
He actually believes the one of the wii lodged in the TV as real…

As long as you’re not a total idiot and can hold onto the Wiimote, you’ll be fine.

This isn’t even a serious consideration when buying a Wii.

Though I’d wonder if those ‘idiots’ can cost Nintendo a lot in the long run.
Like through lawsuits or someone got his eye smashed in by a Wiimote

well that would be pretty much impossible to sue nintendo for since it is the person causing the damages instead of the wiimote when you think about it. Didn’t nintendo already have warning to keep spaces around the player? if so then this would counter pretty much every wiimote damage case since all the nintendo’s lawyer have to say is that the owner have not heeded their warning.

P.S. I really wanna Wii but I need more money to buy it http://www.pfaff-talk.com/chatroom/mvnplugin/mvnforum/images/emotion/crying.gif once I get one, I’ll post my friend code on the forum. I really wanna get the zelda and the exite truck game.

Tell me Falgor, do you actually have to jump around the room energetically while playing the wii? All the tv ads ive seen suggest that is the case.

Or can you play sitting on the sofa?

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well I’ve played some wii at the local gamestop and it seems to be exaggerated cause the most movement i had to do was just to told the wiimote. though some different games may requires different kind of actions and stuffs.like maybe a boxing game (with the nunchucku attachment of course) that may require for you to shift to the right or left to dodge the opponents hits and whatnot.

Rndrdbrian, these guys sure don’t, and sit on the sofa

So that’s what happened to Hear’Say (UK pop idol winners):


Would you guy who’ve played the Wii say that the gameplay is a lot different from your standard gaming experience? Also, how easy is it to co-ordinate what you do with what happens on screen?

Well, theres the problem, I live in a box, so don’t even have enough room to swing my arms like that! :frowning: :wink:

Seriously though, I’d prefer a normal controller which doesn’t require any swinging of limbs to play on the Wii.

Well, Zelda IS different, you actually move and shake your hands. The gaming experience is pretty fun. But I also think you can’t play as long as you could with a conventional controller, which is, IMO, only good.

I still can’t get a Wii, they are sold out everywhere!

In the US, there is going to be a big shipment on the 21st of this month…


Wii sucks lol
I played one over my mates house and was not impressed ( as expected)
PS3 is the only one for me although I’ll wait for the prices to drop

I’ll wait for the prices to drop

Good luck with that:p
Wii is teh roxzor!:smiley:

say hello to a bunch of muscly armed Nintendo nerd fanboys! (and moms) lol Thank you Wii Mote

Maybe I’ll take a picture of my mom when I buy her that Wii she wants next month.

But for myself X-Box seems like the best path until PS3 finally get’s wise and lowers the dam price