Wiimote VR and other Programs (hacks)

I was recently reading up on some stuff, and you really need to check this guy Johnny Lee out. He’s done simple, but wonderful things with the wii mote, including head tracking (like virtual reality :D). EA Games will be using this on their game Boom Blox, with Stephen Spielberg, so they might have patented it, hopefully not though (the download doesn’t come with source, sooo…) I was wondering if this has potential with blender games… so maybe this is wrong forum but! check this guy out. Blender’s always been pretty innovative (compared to other software) like Nintendo. Could this go anywhere, blenderwise?

That will be cool - Imagine Blender games with this new gadget.

I’ve seen it too… the head tracking is just AWESOME, i wonder how if the “wii remote infrared camera” could be replaced by a TV’s remote reciever… which actually is an IR reciever…

it could be replaced by a tv infra-red reciever I guess, but that would be harder to use probably, you can also use an old web cam with a home made old film filter, that only lets infrared through, some guy did this with the ps3. Sony is also working on headtracking just with the playstation eye, which means you don’t have to wear doofy sunglasses
edit: oh and you may be able to integrate this into blender but you would of course need custom scripts (obviously ), may be easier to use the webcam trick and see what you can do

I wish i knew a little bit more about electronics to carry on some tests, maybe i could mail this guy and ask him about both options… webcam and tv reciever i mean…
Looks like 3d tv is on its way… :smiley: