hi, all…I’ve been away for awhile. Just thought I’d post some pics of my latest project:D








And I switched to yafray for this one;

C&Cs welcome…I know the numbers and such on the buttons are a bit big :slight_smile:

Good. Do you have a real one to model after? Looks to me like the corners could be more round, and it should be thicker. Nice work so far though. Are you going to make the nunchuk and console itself after this?

Look at these images.


Thanx for the feedback…And thanx for the reference pic, it’s really helping. I was using a photo I took of one of my wiimotes. I’m having some problems with the corners, I started with a cube and bevelled it, but that didn’t round the corners at the ends enough. If any one has any ideas on how to fix this, please, feel free to make suggestions.

If I actually manage to finish this project, I may go on to do the nunchuck controller. From there, who knows. To be honest, I’d rather be playing the Wii than modeling it :D.

When you bevel it, set Recursion to a higher number, I would use around 3. You should then get something like in the first picture. Delete or scale down the rounded parts on the side view (picture 2) because the remote doesn’t have as rounded corners from on the sides like in picture 3. Then, if you deleted something, remake the faces on the front by selecting groups of four vertices and pushing “f” to get something like in the fourth picture. Hopefully this is helpful. A complete 3d Wii would be awesome.


Thanx for all the advice and feedback. I redid the top of the wiimote based on your tips (and reference pic);


I also made the player lights part of the texture instead of the geometry.

As I think about it, perhaps I will keep going when the remote is done, and do the whole console, just for fun :slight_smile:

again, thanx for all the feedback

And here it is with all the buttons back in :slight_smile:


That looks much better. it’s awesome.