Wiki and tutorial needed for the new BGE features in 2.47, any volunteer?


It has been decided that the 2.47 release would include all the latest BGE developments and not just bug fixes. That includes the new logic bricks and the state system for which user friendly documentation is needed.

If you already have wikis about this, post the link here. If not, any volunteers to make some?

I don’t have the time (and the talent) to create wikis myself but I will review any wiki on this subject to make sure they are 100% accurate. The most useful subjects are the state system and the new logic bricks: servo control motion actuator, distance and orientation constraint actuator, actuator sensor.

The complete information is in the revision logs normally at this address:


What does the actuator sensor do? Can’t find any info on it in the mailing lists…? it’s supposed to detect state modifications of an actuator… not sure how to get it to work…? EDIT… found info on it… still not sure how to use it…

EDIT 2: okay I was being a bit duh… figured it out…

The official start page for the Game Engine wiki is

So, something is sorta there kinda, so please start with your quest by revising that page and going from there. For the Documentation and Help section, I would kinda think about starting over with an outline of the major functions or steps in game design that are done, and then in each section the features that support that function. I don’t use the BGE that much, but it seems to me that you have: Level Design, Character Design, Character Animation, Controls, Game Play and Environment Interactions, AI, and Special Features.

100% agree with papasmurf, i really hate that all the BGE documentation and tutorials are anywhere but in the official wiki

Are there any web links explaining the new features (no matter how sparse)?

If I can read up and understand the new features then I’ll have a go at the wiki

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pls note some of these may have changed a bit ( see Bens posts)

some of the new actuators


IPO actuator changes?

NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR controllers

state machine

new delay sensor (this is very cool)

You can search the lists for more… I’m keen to give it a go… that’s why I was asking questions… trying to understand it all…:eyebrowlift2:

XNOR controller is an inverted XOR: the output is 0 if and only
if one input is 0 and all the other inputs are 0.

does that mean if all inputs are 0?

I’d like to help, I will probably have some time in next week, are there any good tutorials/manuals out there that should be translated to the wiki as well?

@ kirado

Thanks for the links

After a quick read I realise I really don’t have the understanding of the new features. Bit too complicated for me

sorry Ben

@sim88 I think it means if the sensors are inactive… eg. 0=off 1=on ??

it is if the sensor are sending a positive pulse (1) or not (0). It looks like a typo to me, the way it’s written. I think it should be

controller is an inverted XOR: the output is 0 if and only
if one input is 1 and all the other inputs are 0.

About XNOR controller, the correct wording is

		 				XNOR controller is an inverted XOR: the output is 0 if and only
 if <b>one input is 1</b> and <b>all the other inputs are 0</b>.

Thanks kirado for collecting the links to the revision logs. Note that the state system has been slightly modified in later revisions. Precisions in the corresponding logs.

Someone on #blendercoders mentionned that he was making a wiki on the state system but can’t find who it was. Would be good if he could make himself known.

The principle of the state system is fairly easy to grasp, a simple wiki should be enough.
The servo control motion actuator is far more complicated because a large number of dynamic behaviours can be obtained with this actuator. Ideally a good wiki should give the keys of comprehension and give some detailed examples to help the game designer exploring the possibilities of this actuator.

I made a few demo game that show the power of the new actuators:

I am available to give detailed explanations on these new features if needed.


My motion actuator was drawing incorrectly so only loc and rot showed up in simple motion. How does servo motion work?

How do I change the state in game?