wiki and tutorials

i don’t know if i’m the only one thinking about this, but it looks like there was a period of time (a year or so ago) when a whole bunch of video and text tutorials for blender were made… Then, authors either stopped writing tutorials or stopped updating old ones…

new users in IRC channels still ask where to find the “UV/Face select mode”… and a while ago, i followed the official wiki page of the VSE… there were few differences between the blender i had and the blender used at the time the wiki was written.

what would the future of these tutorials be? how can they be maintained and updated? should we redo the video tutorials so they’re more current?

i think these questions are begging for answers, especially when 2.5 becomes official. it’ll introduce a serious challenge for beginners to follow along with the current not-up-to-date learning materials…

currently the wiki is being cleaned up & organized better.
this is being done in preparation for 2.5.
the wiki is run by volunteers, many of whom may write a tutorial of pages then move on.
it is a huge job cleaning the wiki.
unfortunately this is being done by very few people.
the general consensus is that tutorials that can be reused will be repaired for 2.50.
some tutorials may not need to be changed,
but generally, 2.5 should give a clean(er) starting point for documentation & tutorials.