is there a place for the WIKI pages to give comments and suggestions
to improve a page of the WIKI book ?

Tanks & Salutations

You’ll have to visit this page to request editing rights. It’s done via IRC and someone is usually around so after introducing yourself, you’ll be setup and ready to go pretty quickly.

Then after you login, at the top of every page there’s a discussion tab where you can dicuss that page.

Or, if you have an idea of how to improve a page, you can just go ahead and make the changes / add a new page to the Wiki !

After you create an account you can practice on your own personal page which will be named<user id>

In the meantime, what specifically is your comment / suggestion ? I have editing rights there, so far I’ve only made some minor cosmetic changes and additions.


What happen if you want to upload pictures and text to edit a page or create a new page

is there anybody to correct the english or grammar - unless this has to be done before you create a new page?


Ok i’ll give you one example which for me is not clear at all

you have the mirror option and rotation thing

i don’t see where it is in the WIKI book

1 )what does it do in terms of the axis with example - Pictures showing it
Select object menu then mirror - Local X Y Z

Difference in terms of rotation and mirror

people sometimes confuse rotation and mirror
but example of rotation should be shown also to compare with the mirror effect so that people can decide which command he has to used and where he can find it

2 )there is also another one in the N- Transform panel by setting X = -1
in advanced modelling

3 ) What happen if you have a complex object and you want to mirror it ?
i mean an object made up of severals simple object / mesh - this could be anything - not every complex object is made of only one mesh
and you want to mirror it

joining all of the object is out of question
this does no make any sense unless if not possible in Blender !

there should be one independant page showing
where to find things and how to use it properly describing what it will do !
( Rotation and mirror effect )

I have made 1/2 of a pair of binocular and i want to mirror this half to get the other 1/2 - how do i procede to do that
and i got objects inside the casing like lens - prism ect…

This is made up of several object making up this first 1/2 of binocular ?

I began learning Blender about a year ago and
I find it frustrating not to find better explanation on how to mirror things in Blender or WIKI!

So you can imagine what a noobie just beginning can think about it !

Tanks & Salutations