Wiki??(existing one)

Well, I’ve searched discussion about wiki here, but they’re outdated(too old), so I would like to ask if anyone here know about this: 's wiki for development use:
That’s hard to find, I find it by accident when I browsered the 's content, and suddenly find a odd and ugly logo, that says “Blender wiki”, so I clicked on it and brought me there.
The discussion before dislike wiki because they think people can easily delete all content, but that’s not true, the secret hides in the way info is stored. Instead of just the current version, the wiki keep a record of all changes and all versions, so in case anyone ever try to delete, you’re just away from recovering it with one click of “revert to x.x version”.
BTW, the wiki seems to be small and unorganized, it would be good if there is a seperate page for each idea/feature request. (Of course I know it’s still under development)