Wiki games?

Well, I was wondering what people think of a idea called wiki games? The main idea would be the public could create a game instead of developers and come up with great games. So what do you’s think.Thanks!

In theory, it’s a good idea, as many open source developers love to program games, but aren’t so skilled at graphics or level design, or plots. That’s not to say that no open source games have accomplished these things as well as commercial games!!

But yeah, it’s a good idea. Problem is, most of the public wouldn’t understand what’s involved in a modern, complex game, so I think you’d need something more structured than a wiki. Or at least, you’d need a wiki with templates. You might also need to agree on other tools, such as what to use for storyboarding, music, etc. Obviously blender would be used for modelling :smiley:

What I’m saying is that some people could could program, some could design, some could develop the story line , connecting them all through the internet(or a forum).

That’s a really good idea Vivo - although the biggest hurdle is that likelyhood of the program falling through. PM me & I can possibly give you some guidlines and not much more. I am currently working on a volunteer program myself and can’t spare much time to your idea - mayhaps our work could help your idea in some ways.

So, is there anyone intrested?

A good way to start is to create some decent ground work first. Submit some ideas and then take it from there.

There was an article on Blendernation about this type of thing.

Yes, it is possible, but without the person initiating it knowing generally how to make it to begin with, there is little possibility of success. Unless you’re willing to make someone else the project manager.

And, you MUST have a project manager. You can’t have it so that “Everyone votes on what goes in and out.” You MUST have someone who tells everyone else what goes in and out.

However, nothings stopping you from having everyone give ideas. And the idea you have is rather good, and on the same level of what the purpose of Modding is. I love it when you can mod games… So much fun…